A Parcel of Fun

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We receive a lot of parcels in our house, whether products to review or items we have ordered, rarely a day goes by without a knock at the door from a postman or delivery driver. I don't often think about the cost of the parcel reaching my door until I order something and realise I will have to pay a far too big amount to get it to me.

I try to run lots of giveaways for my lovely readers, usually the winners names are passed on to the company providing the prize but, occasionally,I have to send it out myself. Last Christmas I gave away three LEGO games which I'd won and knew I would have to get them to my winners. I used the obvious method and trotted off to the Post Office, in the cold rain, with the three parcels and was astonished to have to part with nearly sixteen pounds for the pleasure of dispatching them. That experience left me quite glad I don't have to do that very often!

We're in the process of having a huge sort out of all the clutter in our house and I know that I will need to list some of the items on that well known internet auction site. Unfortunately the rules on postage and packaging are so strict now that it can sometimes be difficult to ensure that you can receive the amount it will actually require to post an item when you list it. I've been hunting around for alternatives and think I might try Rapid Parcel next time. Their rates seem really good and they will even come and collect the parcels from my home which means I can avoid standing in a queue with two small children and meaning that I can use the payment I received for this post to buy some lovely new storage to contain the clutter that I want to keep.

Now, do you think they would collect Little Miss?

Baby Girl playing cardboard box