#KidsGrowWild Gardening Fun

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Red Rose Daddy loves gardening and spends vast amounts of time out there in ours digging, planting and maintaining it. This year Bud has taken a real interest too and loves to join his Dad out there 'helping' him. I love that this is making my veggie-phobic three year old get interested in how vegetables grow and how long it takes. He even promises that he will eat them when they grow!

When we were sent a little gardening bag and tools for Bud to use he was delighted and said they were like Daddy's! He couldn't wait for his Dad to come home so he could get out in the garden. He's loved the tools and the bag and feels very grown up using them.

Gardening Bag for children

We've spent lots of time out in the garden in the recent sunny weather and Bud has especially enjoyed using his watering can and watering the seedlings his Dad plants. He has great fun popping compost into pots and being shown to plant the seeds. The only problem we have is that he struggles to understand how long it takes for plants to grow. He loves watching the green shoots appear and get bigger day by day.

New courgette seedlings

Although he has his toddler sized tools he still seems to prefer trying to use Daddy's though!

Small boy digging garden

We love our garden, the size of it in our area is quite rare and it's one of the main reasons we bought our house. We use it daily with the children and I'm sure this will continue as they grow. Bud learns so much from his hands-on experience of soil, plants and tools and I'm so pleased he has the opportunity to play outside in a safe space where he can explore and experience to his heart's content. Little Miss will, I'm sure, join in just as soon as she is mobile.

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