Snoob, The Stylish Breastfeeding Scarf - Review and Giveaway

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One of the most important things I found when establishing breastfeeding was wearing clothing that I could comfortably feed in or, on those occasions where I had to wear a top that wasn't so easy to nurse in, ensuring I had a handy cover up available was key. This helped immensely with my ability to feed in public confidently. Now of course I'm very experienced but I do still like to have a quick and easy way to cover up if I'm feeding when out and about.

As soon as I heard about the Snoob I knew they were a company that I'd like to work with. One of my breastfeeding tips is to wear a scarf as part of your outfit, that way you can simply drape it over your nursing baby during the feed and wear it again as soon as you have finished. Snoob have taken this one step further and created their stylish breastfeeding scarf.

Snoob Olive Breastfeeding Scarf and Instructions

Formed of one loop of fabric it can be worn looped around the neck to function as a scarf, then simply unlooped to act as a breastfeeding cover up allowing you to cover as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

The Snoob scarf is available in four colours - Cloud Grey, Olive, Dusky Pink and Sand - I chose Olive as I wear a lot of green and I knew the colour would fit well with my wardrobe. They currently retail at £25 which I feel represents good value for money. I've used mine every time I've been out since it arrived and it is excellent quality. The fabric feels great and it is finished to a high standard. It compares well with the price of other breastfeeding cover ups on the market and, because this is a scarf too, I will be able to wear it long after I finish nursing my daughter. In fact you could buy it during pregnancy, wear it all the way through breastfeeding and keep it as part of your wardrobe for a long time to come. You could even buy this just to wear as a scarf, if the days of tiny babies are a long way ahead of or behind you.

It also offers the following benefits:
  • Can be used when tandem feeding twins. 
  • No need to take it off when moving baby to the other breast.
  • No need to remove it when winding your baby.
  • It can double as a blanket if your baby is sleepy after feeding.     
  • Lightweight cotton jersey so perfect for any season.        
  • 100% cotton jersey
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees (but can't be tumble dried)
  • One size fits all
  • Made in the UK
From baby's point of view, you will see in my photo that Little Miss doesn't like her head being covered when she feeds and, at nine months old, she can make her feelings know. She really likes how the Snoob feels and enjoys scratching and stroking it while I feed her. A smaller baby could be cocooned really well within the Snoob and would be very snuggly and cosy in there. The length of fabric means that, despite her best efforts, I stay covered up and comfortable even though she wriggles lots!

I'm pleased to be able to offer one of my readers the chance to win a Snoob of their own. To enter simply complete the Rafflecopter Widget below.

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