Festival Chic for Kids

23:20 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

I've been watching Glastonbury on television this weekend and have been really enjoying the bands. I'd love to take my two children to a festival at some point and have been looking at Camp Bestival or Lollibop, I think we might try to get tickets next year when Little Miss is bigger and will enjoy it more.

There is so much festival wear around in the shops for little people and it's exactly Bud's style. He loves wearing shorts with wellies and add a t-shirt and a straw trilby (which he usually does) means that he looks like he's fresh from the festival field.

I've been looking for some new wellies for Bud as he wears his so often that they have split. I didn't know you could buy Hunter wellies for children online but I'm loving these red boots.

I can imagine teaming them with some grey camouflage shorts, a funky t-shirt and a new hat.

I know he'd look great in this outfit and he'd absolutely love it too. Of course, as we are subject to the vagaries of the British Summer then I'd probably need to add a good waterproof jacket to this set too! In fact that's what I think I will spend the money paid for this post on as he really needs a new lightweight jacket for the Summer showers.

Do you take your children to festivals? Are your children rocking festival-chic this Summer?