Our Big Night In #MSMBigNightIn

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When you have two small children it can be really tricky to carve out time to enjoy being together as a couple. We are lucky because we have regular childcare available from our great family but I tend to ask so I can attend blog events when my partner is at work so time to go out as a couple can be harder to find. When Money Supermarket announced that they wanted to help us have a Big Night In, and would give us £50 to help us along, I knew it would be the perfect chance to get the children in bed early and have some 'quality time' together.

An essential part of any night in is yummy food. We've been avoiding takeaways lately, firstly because of the expense, and secondly as we've been trying to eat a bit better, but the occasional treat is always lovely so a trip to collect a Chinese meal from our favourite takeaway was essential. With Chicken Satay for the man, and Chicken Stuffed with Prawn Meat in Oyster Sauce, and shared Crispy Chilli Chicken, fried rice and prawn crackers, we had the loveliest feast.

Chinese takeaway

Following our lovely meal we settled down to watch our film. We've been meaning to watch The Hobbit for ages and decided to treat ourselves to a Blu Ray edition of it, in addition to some treats of course - sweets and chocolate, Prosecco for me and some Hobgoblin bitters for the other half.

The Hobbit Blu Ray, sweets and chocolate, Prosecco

Sadly the film wasn't enjoyable as I'd hoped, it really was so long. Matters weren't helped by Little Miss waking up at 9:30 and refusing to go back to sleep until after midnight. We ended up going to bed two thirds of the way into the film and taking an awake child up with us too! 

We watched the rest of our film the next evening, along with the rest of the sweets and some tasty antipasto I had bought to have the previous night which we didn't want thanks to the mountains of Chinese food that we ate. So, our Big Night In really lasted two nights!

Antipasto - salami, olives and cashew nuts

Thanks so much Money Supermarket for our Big Night In!