Super Styling with Debenhams School Uniform

09:36 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Bud and I have been set a challenge by Debenhams to style a piece of their school uniform range. School uniform isn't compulsory for Bud when he starts nursery next month but we've decided that it represents an easier and cheaper option for us so he will be wearing it. I also think it will make him used to wearing uniform ready for when he starts Reception in a year. I browsed the Debenhams School Uniform selection and chose black faux fur hooded school uniform coat for Bud. I think this will keep him warm and dry on the morning nursery run. Debenhams have an excellent range of school uniform and I was pleased to see that it some items are available from age 18 months upwards - perfect for those tiny children who may look too little to be going to school or nursery but need uniform nonetheless.

Debenhams black faux fur hooded school uniform coat

I asked Bud to do a picture of how he would like to look in his school uniform. He's slightly obsessed by superheros at the moment so his reply was that he was going to be a superhero! This made me smile a little and reminded me of the boys I went to school with wearing their coats like capes by just putting the hoods over their heads. This coat would be perfect for that, wouldn't it? 

Bud got busy with the glue, stickers and glitter and this is his masterpiece. I'm not quite sure how he fits into the picture but this is, apparently his superhero collage. He is only three after all!

Bud's Superhero Collage

This is our entry into the Debenhams School Uniform Challenge