The Gallery Week 155: Pets

09:14 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

We've recently become the (not so) proud owners of two fish. Bud, in the infinite wisdom that being three years old affords, has named them Frank and Pank. We aren't sure which is which at the moment. My brother gave the fish to us, we didn't really want pets and I can't say they have changed our lives in any way, I just have a little less kitchen work surface available.

It has started us thinking about the possibility of getting a more interesting pet in the future. Bud seems to be losing his completely unfounded fear of dogs and we would really love one at some point. I can't deal with a crawling baby and a new dog though so it won't be for a while. I've always had pet dogs and have had some wonderful companion throughout my life, from Suzy, my first dog who looked just like Spit the Dog from Tiswas (showing my age there), to Rosie,  a gorgeous Miniature Schnauzer  and then Buffy, a daft Bearded Collie who died when Bud was a baby. She was a brilliant dog, we all miss her still. I hate the idea of my children growing up without a furry best friend, I think a dog is definitely in our future.

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