Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway - A Review

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Thomas the Tank Engine is something I have become very familiar with over the last year or so as Bud developed a real interest in the little blue engine. We now have DVDs, books and trains everywhere in our house! When we heard that Thomas was set to star in a brand new adventure - King of the Railway - we were excited to see what the Steam Team were up to now.

King of the Railway - Thomas the Tank Engine's New Adventure - A Review

Thomas, Percy and James are delighted to be chosen to assist in the rebuilding of Ulfstead Castle on the Island of Sodor and are joined by two new engines, Millie and Stephen. Meanwhile Spencer and Gordon are surprised to meet two new locomotives - Connor and Caitlin - who might be able to travel more quickly than they can. When Stephen disappears, it's an emergency and the other engines have to set out to rescue him!

Bud and I have loved watching King of the Railway. He's just getting to the age where a film can hold his attention and he will watch the whole of it. As soon as it finished he started talking about what had happened and hasn't really stopped since. He has shared an in depth account of the story line with his Daddy and his Grandma and it's clear how well he followed the story from his ability to recount the events. He's also been re-enacting some of the story with his trains and Harvey and Rosie have been standing in for Stephen and Millie. I suspect we might be adding the Trackmaster versions of the new engines to his Christmas list so we can add them to his collection.

The film itself is action packed and perfect for any little Thomas fan. It features three very catchy new songs and Bud was dancing around the lounge to one of them this afternoon. As well as featuring in the film you can view these with singalong words as special features on the disc. The other special feature is a 'guess who' game which has jigsaw puzzles which gradually build over time and allow children to guess which of the new engines is shown.

Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway is released on DVD on Monday 2nd September and is available in all usual stockists including Amazon UK where you can pre-order it at the moment. It will also be shown in Vue Cinemas from Friday 23rd August. 

Why not have a look at the trailer for a sneak peek at the film?

Disclaimer: We were sent the DVD free in exchange for an honest review.