Vanilla and Chocolate Cheesecake with Jordan's Country Crisp

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When Jordan's Cereals sent me a selection of their products and asked me to come up with a way to use them in a recipe I knew I had to get my thinking cap on. I debated granola bars, flapjacks and various other ideas before deciding simple was best and opting for a cheesecake.

Jordan's Country Crisp are baked oat clusters, available in seven different varieties, I received the version with added chocolate, which features 70% cocoa solid dark chocolate and chopped hazelnuts, and I thought that the combination would make an lovely substitute for a traditional digestive biscuit cheesecake base.

Jordan's Country Crisp with Chocolate

What you need for your cheesecake
250g Jordan's Country Crisp with Chocolate
100g melted butter or margarine
500g Soft Cheese (I used Philadelphia)
200ml Double Cream
100g Icing Sugar
The seeds from half of a vanilla pod.
Flan Dish

1. Place the Jordan's Country Crisp into a bag, tie it and bash with a rolling pin until you get an even crumb.

2. Melt the butter and mix it with the Jordan's Country Crisp. Spread evenly across the base of your flan dish.

Jordan's Country Crisp with Chocolate Cheesecake Base

3. Mix together the Soft Cheese, Double Cream, Icing Sugar and Vanilla Seeds in a bowl and cream them together until the mixture is smooth..

4.. Spread the cream, cheese, sugar and Vanila mixtutre evenly on top of the Jordan's Country Crisp and butter base.

5. Chill in the fridge for an hour and enjoy!

Jordan's Country Crisp with Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake

I'm really impressed with the cheesecake, the Jordan's Country Crisp base has a chewy, oaty texture which tastes almost like flapjack and I find it less dense than a traditional cheesecake base. The quantity of the chocolate in the Country Crisp is enough to flavour the cheesecake without overwhelming it and complements the vanilla well. An added bonus was getting to use my fab Pyrex flan dish which I've had for a while and not actually come up with a recipe idea for. The Cheesecake was perfectly displayed in it.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a selection of Jordan's Cereals to come up with a recipe to enter the Jordan's Recipe Challenge.

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