Introducing Smart Technology Steam Generators from Tefal

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As a member of the Tefal Innovation Panel I am treated to some awesome demonstrations of products and even get to take some of them home to try out and share them with my readers. The Tefal Steam Generators were something of a mystery to me when I attended my first panel meet up back in April but, following two fantastic demonstrations of the range, including the brand new Smart Technology Steam Generators at our most recent meeting, I'm fully converted.

Tefal Smart Technology Steam Generators GV8930

Tefal's new Smart Technology Steam Generator irons attempt to take the confusion out of laundry care. They have identified three groups of people by the techniques they use - the first are those who always use the same setting and hope, then those who change settings across a small range, then those who scrupulously obey laundry care instructions and use the exact setting for each item. I'm definitely in the middle group and have been sent the Pro Express Total Auto Control - GV8930 to reflect this. 

My new Steam Generator iron has three settings - Normal, Delicate and Jeans.To switch between the three settings I just press the one which describes the fabric I want to iron. The iron then adjusts temperature accordingly. The iron uses Smart Technology which electronically regulates the perfect  mix of steam and temperature and six bars of pressure results in powerful steam delivery of up to 310g/min.

It's a little strange getting used to an iron without controls on the handset but this makes the iron lightweight and comfortable to hold, all of the weight is contained within the base unit. This is perfect for me as I have weak wrists and ironing can be tiring for me, with the GV8930 I can iron more easily and longer. The baseplate features Autoclean Soleplate technology and a precision tip for those harder to reach areas.

Tefal Smart Technology Steam Generators GV8930 Features

The GV8930 features all of the technology that comes as standard on Tefal Steam Generators:

  • Patented Anti-Calc Technology
  • Fast two minute heat up
  • Powerful Vertical Steam - you can use the iron to steam the most delicate fabrics, or hanging curtains without actually touching the fabric with your iron
  • Continous Refill -  you don't have to switch off your iron to refill it, simply remove the jug and fill from the tap
  • Eco Mode
  • Auto-Off Safety Feature 
I've always found ironing to be tiresome and hard work. Waiting for the iron to heat, then waiting if I need to change settings. Trying to keep it out of the reach of small hands and not being able to put a hot iron away immediately. The iron locks on to the base of the Steam Generator and the whole unit can be carried using the iron's handle. This means that the iron can be put away hot, no waiting for ages for it to cool down, and no prospect of the same small hands pulling a wire and the iron down on to themselves as the base unit can be tucked away on the work surface. 

Tefal Smart Technology Steam Generators GV8930 Iron and Base

On other models, there is an automatic retraction for cord storage which, unfortunately the GV8930 doesn't have. This is the only negative I have found with this model, there is a space for cord storage but without the automatic winding there is no way to get the cord to fit inside, it is a little disappointing as I just have to bundle the cord along with the steam generator unit when I need to move it. I'd like the auto rewind to be a standard feature in future, I think units of this size need it. This is a small gripe though, and really doesn't detract from the fantastic ironing experience that the GV8930 offers.

For those who don't like changing settings when ironing there is the fantastic Express Easy Control - GV7550 which has no controls, you simply switch the iron on and go from there. You can even leave the iron on your clothing and it won't burn. Ironing doesn't get more simple than that! For the laundry purist the X-Pert Control - GV8975, launching soon, offers more complete control with all the settings you are used to,with extremely accurate temperatures but a simplified one touch control system. Perfect for the meticulous user.

The Tefal Pro Express Total GV8930 Steam Generator Iron has an RRP of £249:99 and is available from John Lewis, Argos and Amazon.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Tefal Innovation Panel. I received the Steam Generator for the purpose of an open and honest review.