Retro Sweets from Chocolate Buttons - A Review

12:39 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

When you get a message asking you to review sweets you generally don't hesitate in hitting 'reply' and saying 'yes please!' So when Chocolate Buttons offered me the opportunity to choose from their fantastic range of retro sweets, I clicked through to choose before you could say 'strawberry bonbons!'

I spent quite a long time choosing, largely because I was spoilt for choice. There are hundreds of sweets available in the 'retro sweets' selection, from liquorice to flying saucers to candy bananas, I defy anyone to not be able to find something to tempt them there.  The Retro Gift Boxes seemed like a good place to start, these are themed around their various different contents so whether boiled sweets, chew bars or popping candy are your favourites, there is something for everyone.The boxes are available in a range of sizes too so there is something for a range of budgets.

Sweet Drop Best Ever Liquorice Mega Box from Chocolate Buttons

After much deliberation I opted for the Sweet Drop Best Ever Liquorice Mega Box, this was quite a controversial choice as I'm the only person who likes liquorice in my house. I really love it and I often find it hard to track down in the shops. The box is stuffed with 28 different products, some of which were new to me and many old favourites. I've now sampled everything in the box, although it will take me a while to get through all of the contents, and apart from the banana filled liquorice strips from Maku Laku I've enjoyed everything. The rest of the Maku Laku range especially is something of a revelation as the products included were really innovative and tasted great.. The chocolate filled liqourice discs in particular were amazing! The contents of the box have clearly been thought about carefully and, in addition to the range of traditional liquorice in different shapes and textures, there are also boiled sweets, chewy sweets, toffee, lollipops and, of course, liquorice all sorts and a sherbet fountain.

Sweet Drop Best Ever Liquorice Mega Box from Chocolate Buttons

The sweets are well presented in a sturdy purple cardboard box, which is handy as you can use this to store the sweets until you're ready to eat them. The boxes are so stuffed that it really would make an ideal gift for anyone with a sweet tooth, I'm sure you could find one featuring everyone's favourites. Perfect for those who are awkward to buy for! The Mega Boxes range in price from £16:95 upwards to mine, which sells for £21:95 at the moment, I think they would definitely put a smile on the face of most sweets fans.

Jelly Belly Ice Cream Parlor Mix Sweet Drop Gift Box

My boys didn't entirely miss out on the sweets as I was also able to choose the Jelly Belly Ice Cream Parlor Mix Sweet Drop Gift Box as a treat for them. This is another trademark purple gift box packed with 250g of Jelly Belly beans in five great flavours - Chocolate Devotion, Our Strawberry Blonde, Birthday Cake Remix, Apple Pie a la Cold Stone and Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip. They are really tasty and we've been enjoying them. I think Jelly Belly beans are the best and it was an opportunity to try one of their mixes of flavours, where complementary flavours are mixed together to great effect. We've been adding a few to ice cream for an impromptu sundae which tastes great. Bud isn't overly keen on the Mint Chocolate flavour beans so he tends to eat around those, luckily they are his Dad's favourite flavour. These Sweet Drop gift boxes are designed to fit through the letterbox so are a perfect way to let a friend or loved one know that you are thinking of them. Currently on special offer at £6:95, this is a reasonable amount to pay for a lovely sweet treat.

The Chocolate Buttons site has been something of a revelation for me. They have a range of gifts to suit all tastes and budgets and I think I will be returning to purchase Christmas gifts soon. I'd definitely recommend browsing their site, especially for those who are more tricky to buy for. I love the look of their chocolate range too and I have my eye on a couple of gifts for people on my Christmas list.

Disclaimer: I was invited to choose a selection of  the range, all opinions are my own and unbiased.