Two Weeks of Project 365 - Days 341 - 354

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Days 341-347 of Project 365

Days 348 - 354 of Project 365

Last weekend was so busy that I just didn't get the chance to update my Project 365 so we have two weeks in this post. 11 days until the end of my first completed year, at the second attempt. I've made the decision to keep at it and I will be continuing with my Project 365. I've decided that I don't really like starting at a strange time of the year to everyone else so we're going to have a mini project 61 until the new year when i will reboot at start at day 1 again.

Monday #341 Wet - Our first really rainy Nursery Run. It made the walk seem a lot further and neither Bud nor I were too impressed. LM of course was warm and cosy in her pushchair

Tuesday #342 Smile - A little modelling session in the garden from Bud. He seems to like his new jumper and I'm thinking it's going to be perfect for the autumn and winter cooler weather.

Wednesday #343 Too Soon - Some very unwelcome post forcing me to confront that my baby will start school in 11 months. I think he will be much more ready than I will be and we have some tough decisions to make..

Thursday #344 Hangers - I attended the Boux Avenue Opening in Manchester and had lots of time, while I was there to play around with my camera and take lots of photos of the prettiness. I really love this photo of the hangers, not sure why but I was really pleased with the depth of field/.

Friday #345 Dozy - LM wasn't feeling too clever today and slept for four hours this afternoon. When she's under the weather she just sleeps, which makes looking after her easy. She's definitely inherited that behaviour from her Daddy as his way of dealing with illness is to go to bed and sleep it off.

Saturday #346 Adventure - Bud and I went on a big adventure and took the train to London for the day to try out for the Tesco Toy Testing Team. He wasn't chosen for the final videos but we had a lovely day out. Bud loved the 'big trains' and our afternoon at the Natural History Museum.

Sunday #347 3D - Another fun morning at the Mumsnet preview of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. We left LM with my brother and took our nephew along with Bud and had so much fun watching the film. It's great, we all really enjoyed it.

Monday #348 DVD - A DVD arrived for us to review and Bud wanted to watch it straight away. This is his 'pleeeeeaaaaassse Mummy' expression on our return from Nursery.

Tuesday #349 Highchair - LM was out for us with lunch and she was trying to rock the highchair. She's a real livewire and this style of highchair really isn't great for her as, if she's not trying to rock it, she's trying to climb out.

Wednesday #350 Yum - A sneaky taste of something she shouldn't have but she was feeling poorly and wouldn't eat anything else today so a sweet Pringle (more on those in a future post) hit the spot.

Thursday #351 Grumpy - Still poorly today, and a bit fed up with being bundled into the pushchair for the Nursery run. She's rewarded by her brother coming home though so I don't think she really minds.

Friday #352 Curly - LM was much better today and we took a trip to a theatre festival launch. They had lots of activities available for the children and we enjoyed trying on some hats. She wasn't too impressed with this wig but she looked really sweet in it.

Saturday #353 Delivery - We've done nothing exciting apart from clean the house this weekend so I didn't really take many photos. This was an exciting parcel that LM and I have been waiting for - our first delivery from The Essential One.

Sunday #354 Climber - LM still isn't walking, although she is very close. She is, however, climbing at every opportunity and tonight made it to the top of the stairs (her Daddy was behind her all the way). She was very excited about her achievement, we really need to reinstal the gate at the bottom of the stairs though.

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