Monday 30/9/13 - Sunday 6/10/13 Days 334-340 of Project 365

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Monday 30/9/13 - Sunday 6/10/13 Days 334-340 of Project 365

And normal 365 service is resumed, with only 25 days left to go. We've had a busy week this week.

Monday #334 Blue Dress - We had a bright, sunny day so Little Miss and I got out into the garden to try on her new clothes from Boden at eBay while Bud was at Nursery.

Tuesday #335 Railings - We pass two low walls on the way to and from Nursery and Bud can't resist walking along them. We're usually hurrying to Nursery but he always walks along them on the way home when we are in less of a hurry.

Wednesday #336 Buffalo - I attended an event in Manchester which gave me the opportunity to meet the Bugaboo PR team and try out the new Bugaboo Buffalo. I'm a little in love with this fantastic pushchair, more on it soon.

Thursday #337 Geranium - I'm constantly snapping flowers at the moment, I suppose I'm trying to be a better photographer. I am getting some pleasing results but it's a slow old process.

Friday #338 A&E - Little Miss and I took an impromptu trip to A&E this afternoon as she fell out of our doorway on to the stone flags in our front garden with a terrific thud. Thankfully she was absolutely fine, except for a little grumpy at the long wait in A&E.

Saturday #339 Whispering - We've been away camping this weekend with one of my blogging besties, Jen from My Mummy's Pennies, and her lovely family. Bud is firm friends with Jen's two children now and it was lovely to see them playing so nicely together. This was a very important secret shared on our trip to Morecambe yesterday.

Sunday #340 Cosy - Little Miss took to camping like a duck to water, totally unfazed by it as usual. I took this in our tent in the morning just as I was about to get her dressed, she looked so cosy with sleeping bags, a duvet and a blanket clustered around her.

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