Ideas for Christmas: Toys for Boys

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Building a healthy list of toys and gifts for your boy’s Christmas stash sooner rather than later will help you to stay organised, within budget and calm. Leaving things to the last minute, to make way for another payday or two, may seem like a sensible option, but as Christmas draws nearer the madness of Christmas shopping only intensifies!

Perhaps they’ve already given you a few ideas of what they’d like from Father Christmas this year, or maybe you’ve picked up on some things that he’s mentioned over the past few weeks. Making a start now will ensure that you can cross off some of those things on his list without overspending.

If he wants a big present, such as a bike or a tablet, make sure that you factor this into your budget so that any other presents don’t cost as much. Be wise with what you’re spending, shop around and keep an eye on the bargains!

The toy market for boys is massive and can be incredibly overwhelming. Here are a few ideas that may be up your little lad’s street.


Has your little one seen the advert on TV for the latest Imaginext Castle? Perhaps he loves playing with his knights and dragons, pretending to save the kingdom from an evil force. Whether the castle is his thing or he prefers other playsets, such as those incorporating superheroes or pirates, playsets and figures are a great addition to Santa’s stash.

Computer Games

Perfect for any rainy day, computer games have their place in most homes. Whatever console you all play, a new game or two for Christmas would go down a storm.

Outdoor Toys

Whether it’s a new football and pair of football boots or a shiny new scooter, outdoor toys are a must for most boys. Of course, the weather at this time of year doesn’t always allow play outside, but Christmas is a still perfect time to buy some new bits and pieces. Playing outside also helps to boost their energy levels too, while encouraging plenty of exercise – essential for growing boys! Wrap them up warm and encourage them to play out on the milder days of winter.


There’s nothing better than sitting down with your children to read a story or to listen as they read it to you. No matter how old they are, books are a great addition to any present pile. Sticker and activity books are usually a hit, too.

By planning your Christmas gift list now, you will be able to organise your spending and make sure that everything is ready (affordably so) by the time the big day arrives

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