Our Big Bloggers Night In

11:06 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Saturday morning saw Jenny from The Brick Castle and I setting off from the North-West headed for Lichfield where we and eight other bloggers were converging on Eileen from ET Speaks From Home's house. From the South and East Coasts, via London and Oxfordshire there were some fairly epic journeys made but we all arrived by late afternoon, ready to chat and spend time together.

This was the first meet up of a group that I started on Facebook early this year. I was in another, larger group with these ladies but a fit of pique saw me hit that 'create group' button on Facebook and add in twelve others who I enjoyed chatting to. A year ago we weren't friends. I was aware of a couple of the others as bloggers, some of our number didn't even have blogs then. We're a really good mix of newer, and more experienced bloggers and our little community has flourished since that fateful day.

We've been there for each other through crisis and celebration. We've supported each other through technical issues and tears. There have been illnesses and injuries, both to our number and their families. Children have started walking and talking, started nursery and school, we've had elation and disappointment. We've asked and received advice, disagreed on many things but most of all we have laughed together. It's my favourite corner of the internet, my first port of call when I log on to Facebook. These ladies are my friends, in every sense of the word. I was so excited to meet them.

I'm sure we all had a certain amount of nervousness and apprehension prior to the event but we needn't have been worried. We had a wonderful evening where we talked and talked, played games, exchanged Secret Santa gifts, all fueled by Domino's Pizza, some very tasty snacks and more than a few drinks. We then got up at a ridiculously early hour to head to Frankie and Benny's, for a much needed and very tasty cooked breakfast before the epic return journeys commenced.

L-R: Tina, Eileen, Me, Angela, Fiona, Mary, Tami, Zoe, Jenny and Anna

I had a wonderful time meeting my girls, it was further proof that the friendships we make online are strong and real. I just can't wait until we do it again when, hopefully the three who couldn't make it this time (Kelly, Laura and Anthea  will be there too. I'll be returning to this weekend to share some of the lovely treats we received with you in a few future blog posts.