Tell Me a Story: 250 Great Books for Kids

15:54 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

I've recently been chatting to Grace Sandford, the author of 'Tell Me a Story: 250 Great Books for Kids', which is a book that recommend fifty great books across five age groups - from birth to early teens.

Tell Me a Story by Grace Sandford book

Grace is, above all, a mum and draws upon her experiences to form the bedrock of the book. She clearly has a passion for books and this shines through as you read. Each age group is broken down into lists, so in birth to two the categories include 'clever concept books' and 'perfect bedtime stories', whereas the early teens section includes 'must-read classics' and 'contemporary classics'.

The author is American so there are certain books that you may not be familiar but, having read through a few descriptions I might have to go hunting for them. It's refreshing to see a real mixture of books from victorian classics to brand new releases included and I was pleased to see how many of the books in the first two categories that we have accumulated already. I was a little surprised to see that 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' is recommended for age 3-5 year olds but the author's explanation for each title being included explains everything.

We love books and I think I will certainly refer back to this title in the future, especially as Bud and Little Miss get bigger and I am looking for ideas for more challenging reading material, or new series to get engrossed in. I think the paperback version of the book would make a more unusual gift for new parents who may not have a clue where to get started in selecting books for their little ones.

Tell Me a Story is available in paperback and for the Amazon Kindle and, if you're speedy, you can purchase it for the Kindle free of charge before the end of tomorrow, 21st November 2013. I would really recommend that you do.