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Great Gizmos are an educational toys and games retailer who partner with a variety of different toy manufacturers to offer a one-stop shop for children's gifts. I really like the combination of toys that they sell and they feature a number of companies which aren't easy to find elsewhere, such as NICI, Zoob, Clipit, Geospace and their own self-titled range.

Great Gizmos Selection

We were sent four items from their ranges - A Christmas Mould and Paint set from 4M, Beehives from Plan Toys, a lunch bag from Okiedog and a toddler backpack from NICI Forest Friends.

4M Mould and Paint Christmas from Great Gizmos

First up, the Christmas Mould and Paint, and a confession. This set is aimed at 5+ and is too advanced for Bud and Little Miss so we haven't used it yet. The older cousins will be around later in December and I'm planning on a crafting session with them and Bud when this set will be well used. The contents include enough plaster of paris, paint and mould to make six ornaments or fridge magnets and I'm sure, when they are made they will be the perfect adornment for our Christmas tree or fridge. The set retails at £8:95 which I think is excellent value for money, if you look at the price of decorations to buy and you get the advantage of having one of a kind pieces which will make memories for years to come. Great Gizmos sells a wide range of craft kits for all ages.

Okiedog Dragon Bag from Lil' Pet Bags from Great Gizmos

Next up we have the Okiedog Dragon Bag from Lil' Pet Bags, insulated to keep food hot or cold the bag is a good size. It features a label inside where you can write the child's name and details. We really like the design for this. Bud really loves dragons and the smiley, friendly design is very attractive. The bag features a handle at the top for easy carrying and I can definitely imagine him using this when he starts school next September, even the zip pull is chunky and easy to pull which makes it great for little hands to open and close. The bags are available in a variety of designs (although our favourite is still the dragon) and, at £12:95 they are a great price for a good quality lunch bag which will stand up to the rigours of school days.

Beehives from Plan Toys at Great Gizmos

The third item in our pack from Great Gizmos was Beehives from Plan Toys. I was familiar with Plan Toys but we've never owned any of their products before. I was extremely impressed with this one and Bud adores it. Inside the box you have six different beehive cells, each accompanied by a matching bee. There is also a pair of wooden tweezers included. The toy can be played with in a variety of ways. For younger children they can simply sort the bees by hand and, as fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination improves your child can use the tweezers to pick up the bees and place them in the corresponding hive. Children can arrange the cells into connecting, or interlocking patterns. Plan Toys are sustainable and environment friendly too. This set retails at £23:95 which is expensive but we really, really like this set. It's really excellent quality and the variety of different ways in which it can be played with means that it will last for a long time. I'm definitely going to be investigating Plan Toys and making a few more purchases. I'm a convert to the brand. Great Gizmos sell a wide range.

Owl Backpack from NICI Forest Friends

Our final item was claimed by Little Miss almost the instant I removed it from the box. This owl backpack from NICI Forest Friends is the perfect toddler backpack. Beautifully soft, with a friendly expression and flapping wings and feet I think I fell a little in love with it, just like Little Miss. We spent rather a lot of time putting the wings over the owl's eyes and playing peep-o with it, which Little Miss found hilarious. There is enough room inside for a couple of nappies and a change of clothes if Little Miss is going to grandparents, or a few toys if we are out and about. In the photo you can see Bud wearing the backpack, it is a little big for LM to wear just yet but I'm sure she will be able to wear it when she grows a little. The straps have a very clever design and unclip, this makes it really easy to fasten it onto a wriggly toddler and, should the backpack ever get caught on anything while being worn it will just come undone, freeing the child. The backpack is expensive, it sells for £24:95 on Great Gizmos but it is really, really beautiful and would make a wonderful gift for any toddler. The owl is available in a variety of different products, so, if you have a child who really loves a certain NICI Forest Friends character you can buy additional items featuring them. 

We've really enjoyed the items sent by Great Gizmos and I'm incredibly impressed by the range of items they have on sale. I'll definitely be returning to purchase from there when I'm looking for children's gifts in future. If you would like to keep in touch with Great Gizmos and hear about their promotions and offers then follow them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Great Gizmos are offering all of their new customers a 10% discount on their first order, until 31st January 2014. Shipping is free on all orders over £10. Use the code CPR10 to receive your discount.

Disclaimer: We were sent these items for review purposes. All opinions are honest and unbiased.