Nautical Style for Boys from Lucas Frank

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I'm forever on the lookout for boy's clothes which stand out from the run of the mill high street offerings and, when I discovered Lucas Frank last month, I knew I had found a range that did just that. They sell boys t-shirts, polos, hoodies and sweats which all feature their trademark cool, nautical styling.

Lucas Frank Boys Clothing

Bud was sent a tee from their range - the Monkstone - in a beautiful bright blue with the familiar Lucas Frank lighthouse logo and 'LF' branding. I was really pleased with the quality of the tee, the cotton is beautifully soft and, now it has been worn and washed a couple of times I am happy to say that I've seen no decline in the shape of condition of the tee. It has washed beautifully, with no fading or damage to the printed logo. I love all of the little details, like the ribbon tag on the bottom hem and the covered seams in the neckline to prevent any irritation on your child's skin.

Lucas Frank Blue Monkstone Tee

Bud hasn't quite reached the age where he cares much about clothes yet but he was impressed by the lighthouse print and he said that it felt nice. I asked for age five to six years so the tee is a little large on him but Lucas Frank sizes have 3-4 then 5-6 and he is currently in age 4-5 generally. I'm not worried about him having plenty of growing room as the great quality of the tee means that he will continue to wear it for some time to come. It also means that there is plenty of room to layer a long sleeved tee underneath which means he can wear it in cooler weather too. As you can see from the photo it fits well, if slightly on the large side, and the blue is a lovely shade on Bud.

I'm very impressed with Lucas Frank's range, they currently have up to 50% off in their festive sale too, great to pick up a bargain.

Disclaimer: I received this tee as a gift from Lucas Frank in exchange for posting about them on Facebook, I have not been asked to write this review.

Christmas Lightbulb Crafts - A Robin

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I'm not the most crafty person in the world. I wish I was a little more creative but the ideas just don't seem to come naturally to me. However, now Bud and Little Miss are getting older I am determined to get crafting with them more often and to make time to look for ideas more. When the people at Lightbulbs Direct got in touch to ask me if I'd like to enter their competition to create a Christmas decoration using old lightbulbs I decided to take part.

I thought long and hard about what to create, would it be a bauble, a wreath or a standing decoration and, in the end I decided to come up with one of my favourite symbols of Christmas - the robin. We only had spotlights to recycle and I felt that the flat, round shape would be great to act as the robin's red breast.

You will need to make your robin:

What you need to make your lightbulb robin

1 old spotlight bulb
Red nail polish or glass paint
Brown fabric (I used velvet)
Strong cardboard
Googly eyes or gems
Yellow cardboard (or paint or colour a small piece of cardboard yellow)
PVA Glue
Sticky Tape

1. Paint the glass part of your lightbulb with red nail polish or glass paint.

Red lightbulb painted with nail polish

2. Cut out the shape of a robin from your brown fabric. I cut mine free hand but, if you are more cautious you could draw the shape on the back of the fabric first. Ensure you cut out a hole in the centre of your fabric to allow you to push the spotlight bulb through.

Glue your fabric robin shape to cardboard

3. Apply PVA glue to the back of your fabric bird shape and stick the fabric to a piece of strong cardboard. Cut around the bird shape and ensure you cut out the hole in the middle.
4. Push the lightbulb through the hole so it sits firmly in place.
5. Fold your fabric over to double thickness and cut out a wing shape. Glue the two wings either side of your bulb red breast to create the robin's wings.
6. Fix your googly eyes or gems to the robin's face, either using glue or by peeling the back off them if they are self adhesiive.
7. Cut out a triangle of yellow cardboard and glue this into position beneath the eyes.
8. If you would like to hang your robin then use sticky tap to affix a loop of ribbon to the back of the robin's head..

Hang your robin in your tree

Our robin is now hanging in our Christmas tree but, as long as you cut your robin shape so the bottom is slightly flattened, the robin will stand up and be supported by the bulb behind. I'm pleased with how the robin turned out and I think it would work well with a range of Christmas ideas, you could paint the bulb white and make a snowman, or use the red bulb with some white trim and make Father Christmas.

This is my entry into the Lightbulbs Direct Light Bulble Competition. To enter please visit the competition page to find out how to submit your entry, the deadline is 26th December.

Panettone al Forno from Zizzi Ristorante

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We're  big fans of Zizzi Ristorante and it's a popular choice for us when we want to indulge a craving for great Italian food. I especially like their desserts and they are a great way to indulge a sweet tooth. At Christmas I'm a huge fan of Panettone so when this recipe featuring Zizzi's take on festive Panettone dropped into my inbox this morning I knew I had to share it with you.

This would make a really easy alternative to Christmas Pudding for Christmas dessert, or a striking and effective pudding for other meals over the festive period.

Panettone al Forno from Zizzi Ristorante

Panettone Al Forno 

Ingredients (panettone) 
• 120gr panettone
• 350ml skimmed milk
• 80gr caster sugar
• Plain flour for dusting
• 20gr butter
• 1 egg
• 1 egg yolk
• Vanilla sauce to serve

Ingredients (vanilla sauce)
• 500 ml milk
• 5 egg yolks
• 1 vanilla pod halved lengthways

Method (panettone)
1. Preheat oven at 170c
2. Tear the panettone into pieces and place in a bowl
3. Bring the milk to the boil, remove from heat and stir sugar in until dissolved
4. Pour the mix over the panettone
5. Grease individual mould with butter and dust with flour
6. Put the soaked panettone through a sieve to drain, place in a bowl and add the egg and egg yolk, mix well
7. Spoon the mix into the mould, dot the surface with butter and bake for 20min. then increase oven to 190c for 10min cool it down and serve with vanilla sauce.

Method (vanilla sauce)
1. Bring milk to boil then remove from heat.
2. In a heatproof bowl put the egg yolks, sugar and vanilla pod; beat vigorously until fluffy, gradually add to the hot milk
3. Place the bowl over a pan of simmering water and cook; stir constantly until thickened
4. Strain and leave to cool before serving.

Win 'Craft' by Kirstie Allsop with Cartridge Save

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Red Rose Mummy Christmas

The run up to Christmas can be such a busy time but it's always great fun to make time to roll up your sleeves, get the crafting supplies out and get the children crafting. We've been doing a bit of painting and sticking and, even cracker making and have loved every second of it.

It can be difficult to find inspiration for Christmas crafts so the elves at have created six free-to-download templates, to help you create gorgeous decorations for Christmas!  You can choose from crackers, garlands and a range of 3D tree decorations to give your tree extra sparkle. 
All are available free of charge at
To celebrate their Crafty Christmas campaign, they are offering one of my lucky readers the chance to win a copy of Kirsty Allsopp’s Craft book, I have this book and it is brilliant. Just packed full of ideas for you to get crafty in your home.

To enter simply complete the Rafflecopter widget. The blog post comment is mandatory for entry and completion of this will unlock various additional options to add extra entries.  Good luck!
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Silent Sunday - 15/12/13

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Thomas & Friends Amazing ABC - A Review

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Bud is a huge Thomas the Tank Engine fan and we've been lucky enough to receive a few Thomas & Friends items for review this year. The latest one may well be my favourite. We have received Thomas & Friends Amazing ABC, a gorgeous hardback book from Egmont Publishing.

Thomas & Friends Amazing ABC Egmont Publishing

Thomas & Friends Amazing ABC is a large, square, hardback book with 24 pages. Each page features one or two letters of the alphabet with a reference from the Island of Sodor to match each letter. Many of the pages feature an activity, from a removable telephone handset on 'C for Call', to a Thomas who can be pulled down a ramp on 'O for Owen' as well as various flaps to open and lift too. It's a beautiful, brightly coloured book and really engaging as your child turns each page to see which letter is next, and how they can interact with each one. I really like that each letter is shown in both upper and lower case and I think that this book allows your child to learn without realising they are doing so. On 'N is for Number' seven of the engines are shown with just their number underneath, this is a great page for helping young children to learn to recognise their numbers as, if like Bud your child knows that Thomas is number one, Gordon is number four etc they will then realise that is what the number is below their picture.

Thomas & Friends Amazing ABC Egmont Publishing Page Views

Bud has been completely entranced by this book and he hasn't put it down since it arrived. Both Ian and I have spent time reading through it with him and he has spent a lot of time looking at it himself. He already knows what most of the pages say and I feel that it is a useful tool to help with those first building blocks of reading and starting to understand what letters look like. The pages are interesting and involving to him and his familiarity with Thomas & Friends can only add to the enjoyment.

Small boy enjoying Thomas & Friends Amazing ABC Egmont Publishing

This book has an RRP of £12:99 which makes it a little more expensive than many children's books but I think it is well worth the cost. It really is a lovely book and manages to effectively combine education and popular characters in a really effective way, far better than many books I have seen which have tried to do the same. I'd highly recommend this for any young Thomas & Friends fan. It's available from all the usual stockists and is just £9:09 currently at Amazon.

Disclaimer: We received this book for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and unbiased.

Snow Play and Santa at the Chill Factore Manchester

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When you have two children aged under four it can be really difficult to carve out some quality one on one time with each of them. Yesterday Bud and I had the perfect opportunity for some mummy-son time when we were invited to the Chill Factore in Manchester to see Father Christmas and play in the snow. As children have to be over two to enjoy snow play we left Little Miss with her grandparents and headed off to the snow.

Welcome to the North Pole - Santa and Snow Play at The Chill Factore Manchester

Ready for snow play at Chill Factore ManchesterWhen we arrived at Chill Factor we grabbed our clothing hire of jackets, trousers and snow boots. We arrived half an hour early, as recommended by the booking staff. The centre wasn't very busy so we were changed and ready to go within ten minutes and spent the rest of our time watching all of the different classes heading off to the slopes, some really tiny children, not much bigger than Bud were heading off for skiing lessons on mini skis. Very sweet, I'm not sure what Bud would make of that.

Chill Factore ask that everyone going on to the snow wears gloves and these are essential in my view. The snow is extremely cold and you need them to protect your hands. We put ours on when we went out on to the snow properly. You don't have to hire clothing from the Chill Factore and I think that, if you have warm waterproofs you would be comfortable, if in doubt, hire. To take part in any other activities apart from snow play you will need to borrow a helmet.
The entrance to Father Christmas' grotto can be found in the main mall area, the waiting area is set out with tables and chairs with books, colouring and wooden toys to keep children busy in case there is a delay. Bud really enjoyed playing in our short wait. 

Santa's Grotto Waiting Area at the Chill Factore Manchester

From the waiting area you pass down a short series of corridors, through doors, all the time following a very friendly elf. You then head out in to the main centre and through a beautifully painted door to be taken to meet the man himself, Father Christmas, or Santa Claus. The grotto really is magical, Santa sits on a big chair surrounded by gifts for the children. The room is decorated with children's letters and pictures and it is a friendly, welcoming place. Bud marched straight up to Father Christmas to say hello and was asked if he wanted a hug, which he took. Father Christmas then chatted with Bud at length about what he would like. When Bud told him that he would like some toy animals they had a chat about which kind of animals Bud likes most and whether he wanted real or toy animals. Santa then gave Bud a present, after checking his age (he guessed correctly) and Bud posed for a photo with him. I wasn't allowed to take my own photos inside the grotto so, unfortunately don't have any to share with you.

After leaving the grotto we took a look at the photos that had been taken but, sadly, I didn't think either of them were good enough to pay the minimum £10 package for it The first one was very dark, and the second was over exposed. It's a personal gripe of mine that grottoes who charge admission then charge for photos but I would have bought it if the photo had been better. There are three packages of photos available, priced £10 - £15, and each offers a large print, with an additional extra item. Bud opened his gift before he left the grotto and received a Christmas colouring set which he was delighted with (this is his happy face, he was exclaiming over the details!).

From here you exit directly in to the snow play area which has been set up for the festive period as a real winter wonderland, with toy reindeer, lit up penguins and masses of Christmas trees, the area is perfect for small children to enjoy the snow. We put on gloves and hats and had a fun half hour playing in the snow. A mini tubing run had been set up so the children could have a tiny taste of the more adrenaline fuelled activities taking place elsewhere on the slopes, Bud was a big fan of this and, once we worked out it was much better with legs tucked in we managed a good few slides. It is real snow, it's cold and wet, just as it should be, in case you're wondering if it is in anyway artificial. It was wonderful to have a really fun half an hour to just play, with no distractions and I think we both enjoyed it very much.

Snow Play with Santa at the Chill Factore Manchester

All that was left was to return our clothes and grab dinner at Nando's before heading home tired and happy. When I was putting Bud to bed later that evening he was still talking about Father Christmas and playing in the snow, he loved every second of it.

Visits to Father Christmas can be combined with snow play, sledging, tubing or luging, dependent on the age of the child. Prices vary with the activity included and start at £17 for a family of two to see Santa with thirty minutes of snow play. If you book online for midweek sessions before 20th December there is a special offer price of £10 available. Details of bookings are available on the Chill Factore Santa's Snow Grotto section of their website.

Disclaimer: We were invited to visit Santa at the Chill Factore and enjoy snow play afterwards. All opinions are honest and unbiased.

Win a £50 Experience Days Voucher

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Red Rose Mummy Christmas

Christmas shopping can be frustrating, there is always someone on your list who is tricky to buy for, or you need a 'wow' gift for someone and your mind goes blank. Experience Days can be a terrific solution to those gift-buying problems. Rather than buying more 'things' for your loved ones, why not consider sending them off to do something they have always wanted to do - skydiving, wine tasting, a pamper day? Having had a couple of spa days this year I know I would love to experience another, it's the perfect way to relax with friends. Red Rose Daddy, on the other hand, is much more of an adrenaline junkie and I think he would love to repeat the bungee jump he did in Australia on home ground.

I've teamed up with Experience Days to offer one of my readers the opportunity to win a £50 voucher to spend on their website. Provided the winner responds quickly the voucher will reach them in time to give it as a Christmas gift, or keep it for themselves. The voucher can be used against any item on their website so you might decide to pay for an experience in full, like a Hampton Court Palace Day for Two or put it towards a more expensive experience, like a Hot Air Balloon Flight Experience for Two.

In order to be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize, please complete the rafflecopter widget below. The blog post comment is mandatory and will unlock a variety of additional options to provide extra entries. Please read the terms and conditions below. Good luck.

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Thomas & Friends: Merry Christmas, Thomas! - A Review

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Red Rose Mummy Christmas

Last week, when Bud was feeling poorly we received exactly the thing to cheer him up - Thomas & Friends: Merry Christmas, Thomas! on two DVDs. The latest festive offering from Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends offers six festive episodes, alongside a special bonus disc - 'The Big Bang Surprise' featuring five more.

Episode Listing

Merry Christmas, Thomas

The Christmas Tree Express
Ho Ho Snowman
Salty's Surprise
Emily's Winter Party Special
Percy the Snowman
Tree Trouble

The Big Bang Surprise

Sodor Surprise Day
Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor
Percy and the Calliope
Happy Birthday Sir!
Percy and the Monster of Brendam

The Christmas DVD is really special, each story feature Christmas or snowfall on the Island of Sodor and Bud and I loved watching it and starting to feel festive. From hunting for Christmas trees on Misty Island, to Edward finding the perfect gift for Salty, from Percy being buried in snow, to the engines competing to find the perfect Christmas tree, it really is the perfect DVD to get all little Thomas fans excited for Christmas. We've watched it almost every day now so we know the episodes really well and it's lovely to watch the core themes of friendship, and being kind against a festive background.

The Big Bang Surprise is a lovely bonus, as I think the Christmas DVD is well worth it alone. The five episodes work well as a collection. Our favourites were Sodor Surprise Day, which makes Bud laugh, a lot, and Happy Birthday Sir! which sees Thomas and his friends helping the Fat Controller to celebrate his birthday and features a new engine, Winston.

We have thoroughly enjoyed Merry Christmas, Thomas! and would definitely recommend purchasing it in the run up to Christmas to help your little Thomas fans get excited (just in case they need any help with that) about the festive period. The DVD is available from all the usual retailers.

Disclaimer: We received this DVD for the purpose of this review. All opinions are open and honest.

O Christmas Tree!

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Red Rose Mummy Christmas

We put up the Christmas tree yesterday. Despite us hoping it would be the first year Bud joined in the decorating of it he crashed out and went to bed at 6:30, and missed it all. He will be placing the star on top this evening, just as soon as his Daddy comes in though.

When I opened our box of baubles and decorations I realised that, this year, I wouldn't need any of those 'filler' baubles from the pack that we bought on our first Christmas in this house. Apart from a few small sets which have been retained, every single decoration on our tree has been bought individually and has a story to tell. As we decorated the tree we talked about where we bought each one, how old the children were, why we decided to get it. I broke Bud's First Christmas decoration last year so I ensured that, when I bought Little Miss' it wasn't breakable. We have a personalised ornament for each year since the children were born, completely unintentionally, I've just been drawn to them. We have ornaments from the first weekend away we took with Bud, when we visited the Winchester Cathedral gift shop with our eight month old son, and two decorations from a big family trip to Keswick a couple of years later. We have decorations for each year, I'm yet to find a 2013 one though. Last year I added the first decoration that Bud made - a painted wooden star at toddlers, I'm hoping Little Miss can be helped to make another to add to it on Wednesday.

Our Christmas Tree 2013

Each decoration is special, opening the box yesterday felt like greeting old friends and, as I added our three new purchases to the tree the memories made me smile. Our tree may not be stylishly designed with a particular colour scheme, but it tells our story, one that will grow and change, some years some of the decorations will stay in the box as this tree is absolutely the biggest our house can fit, but I'll keep them all, and enjoy the memories each Christmas when it becomes the heart of our home once again.

Have you written a post, or published a photo, about your Christmas Tree? I'd love to read them. Please link up below by clicking 'Add your link' on the little blue button at the bottom of this post and grab the badge (if you want to) and I will come and see.

Red Rose Mummy

Silent Sunday 08/12/13

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Ice Skating with Peppa Pig at Selfridge's Trafford Centre

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Today we got up rather early to head to the Trafford Centre way before the shops opened and go ice skating at Selfridges. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect as, although I've seen all of the pop up ice rinks which seem to have proliferated in recent Christmases, I've only ever been ice skating in permanent rinks.

Selfridges Trafford Centre Ice Rink

Selfridges Ice Rink, in association with Ugg Australia, invited us to a morning skate with a special guest appearance from Peppa Pig and Father Christmas.We arrived just before ten and were amongst the first to change into our skates and get on to the ice. For small children they had a choice of skates, size nine and above could wear 'proper' single blade skates whereas size nine and under were supplied with double bladed skates which fitted over their shoes. I was very pleased to spot that there were bright orange seals which could be used by children, either for them to hold on to or to sit on and push themselves along with their feet or, as was the choice of most of the children there today, to get Mummy or Daddy to do it.

Skate Aids Skating at Selfridges Trafford Centre Ice Rink

I've skated before and am usually fairly competent but today I was like Bambi on ice. I'm not sure whether it was down to the ice being fresh and new for the day, it was like a mirror, or maybe I'm just out of practice.Either way I was  pleased to be able to push Bud on the seal as it gave me something to hold on to. I'd also forgotten just how tiring ice skating can be and, after a few rotations, I swapped with Ian so he could push Bud while I looked after Little Miss.

Just before this Peppa Pig and Father Christmas arrived to greet the children. Peppa Pig was very popular and drew a crowd straight away. I snapped Little Miss when she got her first view of the seven foot tall Peppa and her expression made me laugh, she was very shocked! After about twenty minutes of skating we were asked to return our blades so the other half of the group could get on to the ice. I was a little surprised by this as it was advertised as an hour's skating, I don't think anyone got more than twenty minutes. To be honest this didn't impact upon our enjoyment of the session as Bud had spent enough time on the ice and we were ready to meet Peppa and Father Christmas and have a look around. We also took advantage of the ice-side Krispy Kreme for yummy donuts and hot drinks too.

Fun rink-side at Selfridges Trafford Centre Ice Rink Father Christmas Santa Claus Peppa Pig Ugg Chair

We had a really fun hour at the ice rink and then took advantage of the festive Helter Skelter next door afterwards, where Bud and his Daddy had a go on the slide. It was lovely to get outdoors as a family and enjoy some festive fun.

Selfridges Trafford Centre Helter Skelter

For more information on how to book tickets please check out the Selfridges Trafford Centre Ice Rink website

Linking up with Country Kids for the first time in forever.

Disclaimer: We attended the Skate with Peppa session as the guests of Selfridges Ice Rink and were not asked to pay for our entry, skate hire and aids or refreshments. 
  Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Win a Christmas Supply of Andrex Toilet Tissue for your Family

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Red Rose Mummy Christmas

Last Saturday I was delighted to attend a Spa Day with a group of other local bloggers at the Last Drop Village Hotel and Spa in Bolton, as the guests of Andrex. We enjoyed treatments varying from manicures through to massages and facials and enjoyed the very lovely spa facilities afterwards. It was wonderful to relax, enjoy some excellent company and conversation and remember how to be 'us' for a while, rather than just busy mums, especially with Christmas fast approaching. I enjoyed an amazing Decleor facial which was perfectly relaxing, I could definitely get used to having them more regularly.

Sim and I enjoying the pool, with thanks to Jenny.

Looking after the family can often mean mums and dads are left doing all the little things that go unnoticed in the home, such as changing the empty toilet roll tube, especially when guests are around over Christmas. 
These tasks can sometimes seem thankless but to help ease the burden of changing an empty roll, the nation’s favourite toilet tissue, Andrex®, has reinvigorated its Classic White product and made each sheet of toilet tissue significantly stronger. This means each roll lasts even longer than before, so mums and dads can spend less time changing the toilet roll and spend more quality time with their loved ones over the Christmas break.

Andrex Toilet Paper Christmas Packet

To celebrate the stronger rolls, Andrex® is offering one of my lucky readers the chance to win a Christmas supply of Andrex® Classic White toilet tissue in its festive seasonal packaging. The prize is 5 packs of 16 rolls, that's a total of 80 rolls to keep your bathroom cupboards stocked. Please enter by completing the Rafflecopter widget below. The blog post comment is compulsory and completing this unlocks various additional entries. Please read the terms and conditions.

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Daisy Roots Christmas Pudding Baby Slippers - A Review

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Red Rose Mummy Christmas

This time of year can be a challenge when you have a little one on the move, you want to keep their little toes warm when they are crawling or walking on a cold floor but you want their feet to be free to move and breathe too. If, for December, you can find a fun, Christmas pair of slippers then so much the better. That's where Daisy Roots come in, they offer a range of handmade, beautifully soft suede and leather baby slippers and have just launched their Christmas range. They asked if Little Miss would like to try out a pair to keep her toes warm and cozy this December and we were pleased to receive a pair of their Christmas Pudding shoes.

Daisy Root Christmas Pudding Baby Slippers Suede Shoes Red

The shoes arrive beautifully packaged in a clear plastic bag, great for storage, especially in a pair of Christmas shoes as you will probably need to put them away again ready to be worn again in future years, or passed on to another baby. The Christmas Pudding shoes are made from suede, with a natural coloured sole - embosed with the Daisy Roots name and that they are handmade in Northamptonshire - and red suede uppers. Each toe is decorated with a cute stiched on suede Christmas pudding. The slippers have a little tag on the outside of each foot which helps you to ensure they are on the correct feet, a daisy on the left and 'Daisy Roots' on the right. The slippers are suitable for a boy or girl and would be great as the finishing touch to any festive outfit.

I asked for size 12-18 months for Little Miss and they are large on her. She only has tiny feet but, at 15 months I thought 6-12 months might be too small still, I think she might actually be able to wear these next Christmas too though. Thankfully, as the ankles are gently elasticated, she can still wear them and walk in them. The suede is beautifully soft and it is so easy to gently pop them onto her feet. She isn't overly keen on shoes and has been able to remove them herself but she can do that with most things so I'm not surprised at all. I'm extremely impressed by the quality of the shoes, the softness, design and the suede used combine to make for a beautiful pair of baby slippers. Little Miss is just starting to walk around and has had no trouble doing so wearing the slippers, the suede sole is non-slip so she is able to stand, and toddle, securely in them.

Daisy Root Christmas Pudding Baby Slippers Red Suede Girl Boy

At £18:50 they are an expensive pair of shoes for a baby but, as a beautiful festive gift, for a Christmas outfit and for slippers that could be worn through the festive period and beyond, I would definitely recommend them. They are available from small (0-6 months) up to 'Bigger' (age 3-4, priced at £2 extra) so you could even get matching pairs for your little ones. There are ten different pairs in the Christmas range and Daisy Roots also have gift sets, which include a pair of shoes and a t-shirt, and a Christmas Tabbeez comforter too.

Disclaimer: We received a pair of slippers for the purpose of this review, all opinions are honest.

Win a Personal Planner

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Red Rose Mummy Christmas

I'm not an organised person, at all. I'm always the one rushing back in to the house to collect Bud's Nursery library book or remembering that I need to send an email before a certain date at 10pm the night before it is due. Back in the Summer I received a free code to order my very own Personal Planner.  I visited the website to find an easy tool which allowed me to choose the size of planner I wanted, the front cover, and even fully customise the contents. This meant that I could have a big 'to do' section, lots of space for planning the year after too and a huge notes section for my scrawling at the back. I also got to have a gorgeous cover with a beautiful photo of my baby girl.

Personal Planner Personalised Diary

Just about everything about these planners is customisable and I was thrilled with the results. It makes getting organised a pleasure. The best thing about it is that you can choose your start point, so it doesn't matter when in the year you buy. You can also choose the best size of planner for your needs. I really do think that the people at Personal Planner have thought of everything, and it would also make a terrific gift for Christmas.

I've teamed up with Personal Planner to giveaway a voucher code to allow the winner to choose their own planner, they could even give it away as gift. To enter please complete the Rafflecopter widget below. Please read the terms and condition.

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Introducing Clique - the Free Online Fashion Magazine

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There's a fantastic new FREE, online fashion magazine which has just been launched. To subscribe to Clique and receive the latest fashion news, style and looks in to your inbox every month simply click below. There's also an app which, when you download it, allows you to unlock extra content for the magazine.


Affiliate Link

Win a Fabulous #Patterntastic Cosatto Supa Stroller

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I'm so excited to be launching my biggest ever giveaway with one of my favourite baby brands today. Cosatto are one of the most exciting baby companies around, on a mission to 'save the world from boring baby stuff' by creating bright, colourful, patterned baby equipment, which allows families to show their personalities to the full.

Cosatto Saving the world from boring baby stuff

I'm a real admirer of the Cosatto Supa which does everything a lightweight pushchair should do and a whole lot more besides. It is packed with features - from the fully removable and washable seat, to the four-way reversible footmuff. With a special pocket for your gadgets, and connectible speakers, your little one can ride in style and be entertained while doing so. In addition to this, the folded Supa is freestanding - great for tight spaces - and it reclines fully so is suitable from birth. The Supa is currently available in five great designs - Foxtrot, Catwalk, Boom Bloom, Bow How and Cuddle Monster - with an exciting new design - the Pixelate - to launch next year.

Cosatto Supa Foxtrot Assembled and freestanding

If you'd like to see blog reviews of the Cosatto Supa, please check out Oh So Amelia's review of the Supa Boom Bloom, My Two Mum's review of the Supa in Foxtrot, Mummy 2 Five's review of the Supa Catwalk and Me, the Man and the Baby's review of the Supa Cuddle Monster. You can see all of my posts featuring Cosatto here.

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I'm delighted to be able to offer one of my readers the opportunity to win a Cosatto Supa so their favourite little person can ride in style. The winner will be able to choose from the five currently available Supas.

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A #Patterntastic Spring/Summer 2014 at Cosatto Towers

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I'm a big fan of Cosatto and they feature regularly here on Red Rose Mummy. Living just a few minutes walk away from Cosatto Towers means that, when I receive an invitation to go and see them, I'm always delighted to accept. When the invitation is to come and have a sneak preview of their new range, including the opportunity to chat to the lovely Cosatto staff and other bloggers, and drink prosecco and eat yummy food, well, lets just say I was excited.

Cosatto Spring Summer 2014 Press Launch

The two things you're always guaranteed when you visit Cosatto are colour and patterns, and today was no exception. From the Christmas tree festooned with a riot of colour, to a truly beautiful rainbow cake, made by the lovely Lottie who looks after Cosatto social media, you can see how committed the team are to their mantra 'saving the world from boring baby stuff.'

As soon as we arrived in the showroom (some people choosing the slide but I was more restrained on this occasion, an unfortunate knee-meets-Playmobil fence incident meant that the stairs were the way for me) it was clear to see that there were some exciting new products to show us. The eye-catching colours and prints on display had us eagerly awaiting demonstrations. First we saw the finalised version of the brand new Cosatto Ooba which I talked about, a lot, in my post about their Autumn Winter launch, back in June. This beautiful travel system is now market-ready and will be on sale very soon. I loved the prototype we saw in the Summer but the finished article is even better. It's a luxurious, elegant pram which marks a real departure for Cosatto, while adding perfectly to their range. I want one but I'd probably have to have another baby to justify it and that isn't going to happen. I was really pleased to see the final colour of the Marzipan version of the Ooba as I wasn't sure about it the first time I saw it, it's a really lovely, warm shade now though. The Ooba's marketing campaign is just as beautiful as their pushchairs with a vintage fifties style. Look out for it accompanying the travel system when it is on display in stores.

Cosatto Spring Summer 2014 Launch of the Ooba

The next range we were shown to was the Giggle and it was clear to see some new additions on display. The most striking print is the brand new Pixelate. This is available in Giggle, Supa and on the 3Sixti2. If you look closely at the Christmas tree in the top photo you'll see that the base is printed with design. Pixelate uses printing methods that only Cosatto have embraced so far in the baby market. It's a bright, striking, interesting and, actually, beautiful print which I can imagine will be hugely popular. I tweeted a photo of the Giggle Pixelate last week and my timeline went crazy. There seems to be a lot of love for Pixelate and it isn't even on the streets yet. In addition to the Pixelate print there are new Giggles in Red Bubble and Oaker. I really loved Red Bubble when I saw it as a car seat for the first time in the Summer and it is stunning as a Giggle Travel System. I think this was my favourite print of the day and I couldn't resist a little push. The vibrant print and striking red, metallic chassis are just gorgeous. Oaker, with a Scandinavian-style leaf print features a more muted palette but is also beautiful. I think we are going to be seeing a lot of the new Giggle designs on the streets soon.

Cosatto Giggle Pixelate and Red Bubble Spring Summer 2014

Next we were shown the more lightweight of Cosatto's strollers. The Yo! and the Supa. We have the Yo! in Green Apple and we love it, it's the perfect pushchair when we need a more compact option and the umbrell fold means that it doesn't look too unsightly propped in the corner of our lounge, it's current home. The new range of Yo! features something Cosatto have never done before - a Special Edition. The Camosatto is a fantastic design with camouflage styling, a funky messenger bag, just perfect for your Little Explorer. Pixels are present in the Yo! too with a more girly take on the trend presented in the Pixel Heart. The fab Monobloom is going to be generally available soon too, previously it was a Very exclusive.

Cosatto Yo! Camosatto Spring Summer 2014

The fantastic Pixelate print is present in the new Supa range. I think I actually like the Supa Pixelate better than I do the Giggle, just personal preference. The Supa is a fantastic stroller with so many functions, from the gadget windows and speakers to the ability to stand it up when it is folded, and the reversible footmuff, it really is fantastic. You get double the wow factor with the brand new Pixelate in Supa Dupa.

Cosatto Supa Pixelate Spring Summer 2013

In addition to the wonderful new pushchairs and travel systems we saw new car seats - Cosatto have launched Isofix and belted car seat bases for their Hold car seat - including a beautiful new Scootle in Spectroscope. We were also treated to a sneaky peek at a brand new Koochi travel system which will come in at the top end of their range. It's looking like a fantastic 2014 ahead for patterntastic Cosatto.

I'm launching a really exciting Cosatto giveaway very soon. Check back to find out more.