Our Zack and Quack Party with Nick Jr and UKMums.tv

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We were very excited to be chosen as Zack and Quack Party Hosts with Nick Jr and UkMums.tv and I thought I would tell you what we got up to during our party.

Zack and Quack sent a huge box of party supplies including loads of junk modelling ideas and kit. Bud's eyes lit up when he saw this as he loves nothing more than getting the craft supplies out and creating.

We invited a few friends round for our party and got busy with the boxes, The children decided to make a project all together and quickly decided on a car. The oldest child at our party was five so I was really impressed with what they came up with and it was wonderful to see them working together as a team with no arguing or fighting.

Our Zack and Quack party junk modelled car

After the busy building time it was time to sit down and watch the double bill of Zack and Quack on Nick Jr. Zack and Quack is all about Zack and his best friend Quack, who live in an amazing pop up cardboard world. Zack uses papercraft creatively to solve any problems he comes across. The children tucked into their party food during the show and were utterly engrossed by Zack and Quack. I've never heard a party go so quiet! The favourite episode was the Dinosaur one but they also loved Zack's car creation, which Bud said was just like their model.

Watching Zack and Quack quietly!

After the show finished the children went back to their crafting and had fun decorating biscuits too and everyone was delighted to go home with a fab Nick Jr goodie bag.

Decorating biscuits at our Zack and Quack party

Zack and Quack is shown on Nick Jr on Friday afternoons at 4:30pm and you can find out all about it, and watch clips online at the Nick Jr Zack and Quack page. We've added it to our planner and haven't missed an episode!

Thanks to Nick Jr and UKMums.tv for supplying our party supplies.