The Andrex Washlets Word Challenge

23:08 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Last week Tots100 challenged me and Craig from A Day in the Dad's Life to take part in the Andrex Washlets Word Challenge. This involved us each taking sixty seconds to describe words to the other without using a list of 'forbidden' words, via the medium of Google+ hangout. Much more tricky than it sounds! Here's our video so you can see how we got on.

There is a serious message behind the challenge, in a recent survey of 2000 people Andrex Washlets found that 74% of them shy away from discussing difficult subjects, in fact they would rather discuss mental health or sex than their bathroom habits!

I'm not sure if women are better communicators than men. We talk a lot more but I think men get to the point more quickly. Craig and I scored the same so maybe that bears out in our challenge. At home Red Rose Daddy is a man of few words but does make his point effectively when he feels strongly about something, whereas I never shut up.

Who communicates best in your house?