Mooshka Dolls from Zapf Creation

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Little Miss is really starting to take an interest in dollies. She loves carrying them around, pushing them in her pram and looking st their clothes and features. When Zapf Creation got in touch to tell me about their new Mooshka dolls I fell a little in love and knew we would love to take a look at one.

Mooshka Dolls from Zapf Creations

The Mooshka dolls were paper doll best friends who, one day, held hands and were transformed into little girls. The resulting dolls are a really beautiful creation, with unique patterned fabrics, cute little dresses and accessories and pretty faces. They are a traditional doll which is fully machine washable and recommended for age two upwards. Each doll measures 33cm and there are six to collect. Inside each box you will find the doll, a finger puppet and a paper chain.

Each Mooshka doll comes with it's own interactive storybook available for free through the App Store, we don't have any iOS devices in our house (although we borrow the cousin's iPad sometimes) but I've checked out 'Myra's Birthday Surprise' which is available on the Amazon Kindle, it offers your child the ability to read the story by themselves, or have it read to them, and includes a fun matching game too. It's a lovely continuation of the world of Mooshka and perfect for children who love the dolls.

We received Ina, her box tells us that she loves art and this is reflected in the print on her dress which shows all sorts of art supplies and her roomy shoulder bag, perfect for storing her sketchbook. Ina wears her hair in a blonde bun with a pink ribbon bow. I was super impressed with this doll as soon I opened the parcel, Her box is beautifully printed and you could even keep it to store your dolly in, it would look lovely on a shelf in a little girl's room. Ina herself is gorgeous. Did I mention she is fully washable? That's a major plus for a toddler dolly in my opinion. The fabric used to make her is really soft and lovely to touch and her hair bow and bag add just enough detail for little fingers to explore. Each dolly has velcro pads on her hands. This allows you to fasten her hands in front of her or to link her to other dolls from the range. She is very snuggly and cuddly. Little Miss has a few dollies with hard bodies or heads, hands and feet. She plays with Ina the Mooshka doll in a very different way and she has become the doll she reaches for when she comes for a snuggle at nap or bed time. 

Ina is a big hit in our house. I love being able to give LM a soft doll and knowing that she can take it anywhere, and do anything with it as I can just pop it in the washing machine later. She's already been washed once, after an unfortunate chocolate incident and she came through her washing machine adventure perfectly well and dried quickly too. I think they are absolutely lovely and may well be advising friends and relatives that a couple of the other Mooshka dolls would be perfect gifts for her second birthday. The age range is 2+ but LM is always supervised when playing with this doll and we don't allow her to sleep with it yet. The quality is fantastic and I don't have any concerns about giving it to her.

I'd recommend Mooshka dolls to anyone looking for a sweet, soft-bodied doll for a little girl. With six dolls in the range it would be fun to match the dolly to the little girl, by buying the one that looks most like her (Little Miss would be Katia I think). They retail at around £16:99 which I think is a reasonable price for such a beautifully presented doll. There are also Mooshka Tots available, which are four smaller dolls, the little sisters of the six larger dolls and these retail at around £12:99.

You  can find more information at the Mooshka Dolls website or at the Zapf Creation Facebook Page. Mooshka Dolls are available in all usual stockists.

Disclosure: We received this doll in exchange for an honest review.