My Mobile Phone Frustration!

17:43 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

This time last year I upgraded my tired old Nokia 900 in favour of a shiny new phone, on my Virgin Media contract. Within two months, and despite having a case for it, I dropped it and the screen smashed to smithereens. I stumbled on with a broken screen for a while, never seeming to have the spare cash for the excess to claim on my insurance and, eventually the phone just packed in. I went back to my old Nokia.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's a great little phone, but it's getting rather past it's best. If I don't charge it every night it gives up the ghost and it's running Windows 7 so I can't even access Instagram on there. Yup, my Instagram account gets no love from me because I can't upload from my phone. Imagine, fellow bloggers and Instagram addicts? It's like a blogging arm has been chopped off! If I'm out at an event, or somewhere I need to tweet a lot from, you can guarantee that the battery will expire quicker than James Arthur's musical career. It weighs a ton too, which is good as that makes it virtually indestructible, I'm clumsy, did I mention the dropping? Do you know which phone has excellent battery life and a tough, water resistant case? The Samsung Galaxy S5!

Virgin Media are giving away a brand new (and shiny) Samsung Galaxy S5 to the blogger who can tell them why they deserve to win one. If that little story above doesn't do it (no Instagram. None. No photos of my food or children playing, or cats I have seen, on there. None! Won't someone think of my followers?) then maybe the simple fact that a brand new phone would allow me to run my blog, personal and social life far more efficiently and effectively might be a good enough reason to choose me. The 16MP camera would vastly improve the quality of my Instagram snaps too!

Pick me, Virgin Media, and make Instagram cat happy, you know it makes sense!

This is my entry into the Virgin Media Samsung Galaxy S5 competition