Our Great British Home

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We've lived in our home for over four years now but we've only decorated the children's bedrooms, and still haven't finished Bud's. As a result, I'm only fully happy with Little Miss' room. Our home is definitely a work in progress so, when I came across the Great British Home Quiz from Victoria Plumb, I thought it might give us some ideas for our future decorating plans.

The quiz takes you through each room of your home and then matches you with a celebrity style. My style was 'Quirky Cool', I'm pretty pleased with that. I think it does reflect the grand plan I have for the decor of my home. I love picking up unusual pictures and frames, decorative items and fabrics, and showing our family personality and history through them. I'm not sure whether I'm anything like Jess or Nick from New Girl though, I've never seen it! The only real thing that's not me in the description is the choice of home, I'd much prefer to live in a period town house!

The one room in our house that I am desperate to upgrade is our bathroom. The previous owners, in their wisdom, decided to rip out the bathroom and install a butter yellow bathroom suite. Nice. Trying to keep two children clean with just a shower has been fun for the last four years. We need to rip out the suite and start from scratch. The suggestion of a gold frame just wouldn't look right in out tiny bathroom but I do have some clear ideas.

I'm thinking soft pale grey or beige walls, a bright white suite with chrome accessories. I'd love something like this, sadly this bathroom is about four times the size of ours but this is the style I'm channeling! 

Victoria Plumb Bathroom Suite

Grey seems to be a huge theme in bathrooms at the moment and there are some beautiful accessories around at the moment, like this range from John Lewis. I can definitely picture it in our house!

My Bathroom Haven

Are you planning any work in your home? Which room will you be updating next?

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