Scruffs Vintage Speaker Hoodie

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Every so often Ian gets a little grumpy that he doesn't get the chance to feature on my blog so, when the people at Scruffs got in touch to ask if we would like to review anything from their new range of workwear I knew that it would be the perfect opportunity for him to get involved.

Scruffs is famous for it's extensive range of safety footwear and workwear but this has now started to take a more fashionable slant and Ian received their Vintage Speaker Hoodie in grey. He's a huge fan of hoodies and often throws one on after his runs (he runs around 30 miles a week), as well as wearing one with jeans at the weekend.  The Vintage Speaker Hoodie isn't your ordinary hoodie though, it has hidden headphones and speakers which allow you to listen to music conveniently on the go.

Scruffs Workwear Vintage Speaker Hoodie

The hoodie works by having a lead,, headphones and speakers contained within it. The jack is found inside a pocket, you simply unzip this to plug your phone or MP3 player in. The lead then travels up through the inside of the hoodie to a control switch on the inside of the zip which allows you to toggle betwen the headphones (inside the bottom of the hood) and the speakers (inside the hood at ear level). You can also choose microphone to allow you to use it as a hands free kit.

Scruffs Workwear Vintage Speaker Hoodie

But what about washing the hoodie? Well the beauty of this is that the whole system is 100% machine washable. You don't have to worry about removing the lead, switch, microphone, headphones or speakers. Simply wash as normal. Genius!

Ian has been wearing this hoodie as often as he can since he received it. It's 80% cotton / 20% polyester mix so it's really soft and keeps you warm when you need it to. I've borrowed it and it was really cozy to wear. The vintage design is quite understated but the blue and white design ,and blue lining to the hood offers a lovely pop of colour against the grey.

Scruffs Workwear Vintage Speaker Hoodie

The hoodie's RRP is £59:99 which is expensive, but the washable audio system and quality of the item makes it well worth the money for a man who will make good use of it, as Ian does. We both think it's great and I can see him wearing it often.

We received the hoodie in exchange for an honest review