Super Easy May Day Crowns Toddler Craft

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This week at toddler group we were talking about May Day and I wanted to theme our craft around it. I originally wanted to create something with a maypole but just couldn't think of anything appropriate for our core age group of crafters - from eighteen months to three. I got to thinking and remembered May Queens so I decided we would use our flower stickers from Baker Ross to decorate paper crowns.

You will need:
A3 Paper in the colour of your choice (we used white)
Stickers, crayons etc to decorate as required
Sticky tape

Super Easy May Day Crowns Toddler Craft You will need

1. Cut out your crown along the horizontal length of your A3 sheet of paper. Cut in a zig zag shape to form the points of the crown.

2. Decorate using stickers, glue, crayons, the sky is the limit!

Super Easy May Day Crowns Toddler Craft

3. Measure the crown around the child's head and tape the end into place to form your crown!

4. Wear and enjoy being the Queen, or King, of May!

We always try to talk about why our crafts are themed a certain way with the children and we talked about May Day today. I always think it's really interesting to learn about, and keep alive our traditions and today proved that our toddlers enjoyed it just as much.