Banking on the Go with Natwest

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We use a couple of banks in our house but Ian has been a Natwest customer for a long time so they are the providers of his main account. When they offered us the opportunity to try out their mobile app we were both intrigued. Both of use are regular users of online banking and telephone banking too, the idea of being able to bank on the go without having to call is definitely appealing.

To access the app you need to be a Natwest current account holder with a debit card, online banking and a mobile phone number starting in 07. The app can be used on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry, as well as the iPad. To get started simply download the app on to your chosen platform (we used the iPad), you will need your online banking customer number, postcode and debit card details and then, when registered, it will take around 24 hours for your account to be approved. You'll need to create a passcode during registration and it's this that will allow you to access the app.

Natwest mobile app iPad Home Screen

For more information on how to download the mobile banking app and test these functions please visit

The mobile app has some really great features which make banking super easy.

1) Easy Payments and Transfers
You can move money around really easily with this feature. Whether it's friends or family, or bills. Simply select one of the accounts you regularly transfer money to or from then confirm and transfer or pay the bills. To add a new account you will need to use online banking but, in future you will be able to use the app.

2) Check Account Balances On the Go
You can access a mini statement wherever you are. Simply select the account you need and it will show balance and your six most recent transactions. Great for at a glance checking to see if a payment has been made or sent.

3) Get Cash Out without your Card
Ian is continuously forgetting his bank card so I think this facility will work brilliantly for him. Provided you have at least £25 available funds in your account you can be issued with a cash code which will allow you to get up to £250 from a Natwest, RBS or Tesco cashpoint. Cash codes are valid for three hours and only one can be used at any one time but it's a fantastic idea for the forgetful amongst us. They even supply a handy map of local branches and cashpoints to make using the service even easier

Natwest mobile app iPad Branch and cash machine screen

The app definitely seems like one that we will use regularly and it will be great not to have to switch the laptop on to access bank account details in future.

Natwest realise that all mums need a helping hand sometimes and have come up with a few helpful tricks for us to make life a little easier.

Bud is learning left and right at the moment and we received a brilliant tip. Simply select a brightly coloured sticker and cut it in half. Stick one half in each shoe and show your child that, when the picture is matched up, each shoe goes on the corresponding foot. I'm hoping this will help with ensuring shoes go on the right foot.

Half a sticker in each shoe to help learn left from right

Bud is loving collecting cards at the moment, especially those featuring dinosaurs but it can be tricky for little hands to hold too many cards. A simple egg box can be used to stand up cards. Simply cut down into each egg cup and stand the cards up. So effective!

Egg box card stand

All of these little life hacks are so simple when they are shared. Do you have any simple little tips that make every day life easier for you? If you do and would like to chat more about the app then why not join in with the #MumsMagicTricks Twitter party on Tuesday 24 June from 13:00 – 14:00.

Disclosure: This project is in conjunction with BritMums for their #MumsMagicTricks challenge with NatWest and RBS.