MixTape Monday - 11/06/14

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Yes, I know it's Wednesday but I forgot. We're away and the wireless is intermittent. I do so love this linky though so here's this week.

We've been driving all over Pembrokeshire this week and, for some unknown  reason, Bud has decided that 'The Eye of the Tiger' is his favourite song. We don't have an MP3 player in the car so rely on CDs and the only one that we own which features this song is one called 'American Anthems' - a heady mix of power ballads and hair rock. It has definitely become the soundtrack for our holiday.

I'm not going to choose the predictable one that Bud has had us singing all week, I'm going for one that appears third on this CD (after 'The Eye of the Tiger' and 'Maniac' of course), yes, it's Starship and yes, the video is hilarious but I actually love this song. It's great in the car too.

Don't judge me...

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