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I have a tormented relationship with pillows. I struggle to find one that I really like and am often to be found wrestling with them at night. I end up replacing them all the time and am usually unhappy with them. When the people at Booth's Furniture contacted me to ask if I'd like to try out a Tempur pillow I didn't hesitate in accepting.

Booth's Furniture are Tempur specialists and sell the Tempur range at  They are just down the road from me in Eccles, Manchester and sell a huge range of beds, mattresses, pillows and accessories in their showroom and online. They have been established for over fifty years, with dedicated and experienced staff they can offer any advice you may need in purchasing a bed or mattress.

Booth's Furniture Tempur Pillow

I was sent the Tempur  Traditional Pillow, which retails at £75. The first thing to note is the weight of the pillow. It's supplied in it's own blue storage bag and has a considerable weight to it. It's standard pillow size but much deeper that the pillows I have been using recently. When placing the pillow inside a pillowcase it can be a little tricky to make it fit properly. The pillow is large but, with a bit of careful wriggling it will slide down and completely fill the case.
Tempur works using the original Tempur envelope and contains shredded factory materials to give a soft, comfortable feel whilst maintaining the pressure relief. The foam conforms automatically to the shape of your head and neck, and offers multifunctional support throughout the night.
I usually use up to four pillows in some complicated arrangement but decided to just use the Tempur pillow. I was pleasantly surprised.  When you place your head on to the pillow it gently settles into the pillow for a very comfortable experience. I can only describe it as like sleeping on a cloud! I carry a lot of tension in my neck and I've noticed, after a couple of days use, that this feels better. My main issue has been taking back the pillow when Bud invades my bed every night and tries to hog it!

Hopefully you can see top right that I've placed my hand on the pillow and you can clearly see the outline. That shows how much the pillow adjusts to your shape for added comfort. The cover of the pillow is beautifully soft too.

Booths Furniture have kindly offered me the opportunity to give away one of these fantastic Tempur pillows to one of my lucky readers. To enter please complete the Gleam widget below. The blog post comment is compulsory and will unlock a range of additional entry options. Please read the terms and conditions.

Booth's Furniture Tempur Pillow

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Disclosure: I received the pillow for review purposes.