Go Mini Power Boost Car from Golden Bear Toys

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Bud has recently been putting the Go Mini Power Boost Racer Car from Golden Bear Toys to test. When I went to Toy Fair in January I saw these cars demoed so I was really pleased that we would get the chance to try one out at home.

Go Mini Power Boost Car from Golden Bear Toys Red

The Go Mini Power Boost cars move on their own. To operate it you simply press the button on top of the car and the mini will zoom off on it's own. The Power Boost comes when you press the button more than once - up to three times - and,, with every press, the car travels further before carrying out it's handbrake turn to stop. The car is a good size, around the size of a traditional remote control car but doesn't need any additional controller the button on top does it all. The car runs by a motorised wheel spinning underneath. This means that you do need a smooth, flat surface to run the car on, it doesn't deal well with large obstacles but this is true of most of this sort of toy.

Go Mini Power Boost Car from Golden Bear Toys Red

Both Bud and LM love this car. It's been a huge hit here from the start. Both of them are able to use it independently and, despite LM (at nearly two) being younger than the advised age range of 3-7 years, she is used to pressing the button herself and clapping her hands excitedly when the car drives away!  Bud very quickly worked out that pressing the button three times gives the most power and distance whereas LM will just press it once and chase the car around!

The sound effects are what makes this car really fun. When you press the button a revving noise starts which gets louder as you press the button more, then you hear the car 'engine' as it rolls away and it screeches into a handbrake turn to stop.

Go Mini Power Boost Car from Golden Bear Toys Red

The Go Mini Power Boost cars are really sturdy. If the car runs out of room it will bump into obstacles before completing its handbrake turn. Obviously children really enjoy seeing cars crash so ours has seen a few walls since we received it. I'm happy to say it has sustained no damage and it the paintwork is unscratched. We have the red version of the car but you can also buy it in green and blue.

We have loved having the Go Mini Power Boost, in fact it's travelled rather further than it's three different distances as Bud insisted on taking it to France on holiday with us. It was a really fun toy on the vinyl flooring of the mobile home we stayed in.

If you'd like to see the car in action and Bud putting it through it's paces please check out our video below:

The Go Mini Power Boost cars are available from all the usual stockists including Amazon.

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