Nurture Drinks for Children

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All children can need a boost to their immunity, especially with the new year school beckoning. Over 16 million school days are missed every year due to coughs and colds so an easy way to boost immunity and avoid these sounds like a great idea. Nurture Drinks are a brand new way to do this. We've been trying out both flavours of these drinks.

Nurture drinks are aimed at children from 2-5 years old. Perfect for Bud. When he started nursery school last year he was plagued by coughs and colds and had lots of time off in the Autumn term. Starting Reception at a new school in September means that they couldn't have arrived at a better time.

Nurture Drinks Box of four pouches

Every 200ml Nurture pouch is packed with the optimum daily amount of key ingredients for a two to five year old. Wellmune WGP 100% natural beta glucan is a clever ingredient designed to strengthen key immune cells. Vitamins B6, B9, B12, C, D, and zinc contribute to the normal function of the immune system, Calcium and Vitamin D provide power for the normal growth and development of bone in children, and Vitamin B5 supports brain development.

Nurture Drinks pouches

The Nurture drinks are available in two flavours - Orange and Pineapple and Strawberry and Cherry. Both are naturally flavoured with no artificial sweeteners or additives. Bud tried both flavours and wasn't keen on the Orange and Pineapple. He loved the Strawberry and Cherry though. LM loved the Orange and Pineapple flavour and, at not quite two, found the spout on the pouch easy to use.

Nurture Drinks pouches spout

The pouches are cleverly designed, with a sterile, spill proof cap. Great if you have one of those children who likes to squeeze a pouch to see what comes out (I'm looking at you LM!). The cap allows you to re-seal the drink too, great for travelling and Summer picnics.

Nurture Drinks pouch Bud drinking

Nurture have been working with Tesco and you can now find the drinks in larger stores, priced at RRP £2:99 for four  200ml pouches. I think I might be stocking up on them for the last couple of weeks of the school holidays.

Disclosure: We received two boxes of drinks for review purposes.