Mike the Knight - Journey to Dragon Mountain at Warwick Castle

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Last Saturday we got up very early and headed down the M6 towards Warwick for a very exciting day out! We're a house full of Mike the Knight fans so were already excited about Mike the Knight - Journey to Dragon Mountain - the opportunity to go and see a special screening of Mike's first feature-length adventure, meet Mike and one of the dragons and explore Warwick Castle was too good to be missed!

Mike the Knight logo

We arrived to be welcomed by a Mike the Knight themed tea party with jam tarts to enjoy and then went in to see the film. Journey to Dragon Mountain lasts around an hour and I think it kept the whole audience interested. Bud was glued to it as were most of the other children, and the grown ups too!

Mike the Knight Journey to Dragon Mountain

Glendragon is in danger! When the King returns from faraway lands, he discovers that the Vikings have stolen a treasured crystal jewel from the dragon of Dragon Mountain. It is the King’s mission to return the jewel and Mike’s job to help him. The King, Mike and Evie form “Team Family Glendragon” and soon find themselves on an epic quest filled with dangerous obstacles from meddlesome gargoyles to giant dragons!

We all really enjoyed the film. I'm a bit of an Alexander Armstrong fan and I love that he voices the often absent King of Glendragon. It was great to see him feature so much in Journey to Dragon Mountain and for Mike and Evie to go off on an adventure with him for a change. Bud's favourites Squirt and Sparkie have a big role to play with Squirt in particular having his own plotline and happy ending. The Vikings and Gargoyle (my favourite) also appear throughout, our only disappointment was that Trollee and his family were nowhere to be seen!

Mike the Knight Journey to Dragon Mountain

After our special screening we went into the Castle grounds and had the opportunity to meet Mike the Knight, Evie and one of the dragons! If you visit Warwick Castle over the next two weekends and you're brave enough to pose for a selfie with the giant dragon you could win some great prizes! Simply upload the photo on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #DragonSelfie to be in with a chance of winning! Bud loved meeting Mike but LM was less impressed, here's our #DragonSelfie.

Mike the Knight #DragonSelfie at Warwick Castle

In addition to Mike's appearances you can also try your hand at various knightly activities including:
Galahad’s Gallop
Jester Zone
Build Glendragon Castle
The Blacksmith’s Horse Shy
Colour and Craft Tent
Target Test
Sparkie and Squirt's Egg Hunt
Evie's Wizard Workshop

These were so much fun and both LM and Bud really enjoyed taking part in the activities. Our favourite was Galahad's Gallop where you could race hobby horses in pairs. Bud was delighted to beat his Daddy!

Warwick Castle Mike the Knight activities

As the day progressed we watched some of the scheduled activities around the Castle, including an exceptional Birds of Prey demonstration and the awe inspiring Trebuchet demonstration. The latter was my favourite part of the day and the whole experience really engaged the audience while educating too.

Warwick Castle Trebuchet Demonstration

Warwick Castle is a fantastic day out and we really enjoyed our day with Mike the Knight there. I think Journey to Dragon Mountain is a must buy for any little Mike and Evie fans and I can imagine it will find it's way into a lot of stockings this Christmas. It'is available from all usual stockists and Amazon where it is currently just £5).

Disclosure: We were invited to visit Warwick Castle as the guests of the Mike the Knight team and supplied with free entry and a goodie bag.

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