Celebrate Grandparents Day with Debenhams Flowers

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Last weekend I was treated to a very special flower delivery - a beautiful bouquet from Debenhams Flowers to promote their range for Grandparents Day on 5th October. There's a gorgeous range of seventeen different bouquets to choose from which suit a range of pocket and you're bound to find the perfect bouquet for the grandparent you would like to treat.

Celebrate Grandparents Day with Debenhams Flowers

I selected the 'Heart Felt' bouquet which beautifully combines some Autumn colours into a bright and colourful arrangement. Exactly what is needed for this time of year! It includes sunflowers, cherry brandy roses and purple statice. The latter two flowers were new ones to me and they are very pretty. I especially love the little white buds in the purple statice.

Celebrate Grandparents Day with Debenhams Flowers

The bouquet is quite large, I needed my biggest vase to accommodate it, and arrives wrapped in tissue paper, with a moisture-giving cloth. The flowers are sent via Royal Mail in a large cardboard box - my nosy (and lovely) postie asked who was sending me flowers! It was very simple to unwrap the flowers and arrange them in a vase.

The Heart Felt bouquet costs £39:99 which I think is a competitive price for flowers of this quality. The arrangement is striking and colourful and I'm sure any lucky Grandparent, or anyone else in need of a treat, would be delighted to receive it.

I've been genuinely delighted with the flowers and I'm very pleased to offer a discount code to my readers, to order Grandparents Day Flowers, New Baby Flowers or flowers just to say that you are thinking of someone, use the code DFBLOG40 to secure a 40% discount on any flowers except the 'Flowers by Post' range.

Disclosure: I received a bouquet in exchange for this post.