Singalonga Frozen at The Lowry

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We're always so excited to be invited to see one of the fabulous productions at The Lowry and, when the chance to see Singalonga Frozen dropped into my inbox last week I knew it was going to be LM's idea of heaven.

We attended the 6:30pm performance on Monday and, upon arrival you will definitely know you are in the right place as you follow hundreds of little Elsas, tiny Annas, and the odd Olaf into the main Lyric Theatre at The Lowry. LM was dressed in her Anna's Coronation dress, I just love seeing her in this. So cute!

Singalonga Frozen at The Lowry

I must be honest,I didn't know what to expect from Singalonga Frozen. I was expecting to see the film, of course, with lyrics on screen so the audience could join in with all of the songs, but this was so much more. The performance is compered by a lovely Scottish lady, and she is joined on stage by some very special guests throughout the performance. I'm not going to give too much away as I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise but you will see both Anna and Elsa throughout. Each seat is supplied with a Singalonga Frozen fun pack and the items within are explained before the performance so everyone knows how, where and when to use them.

There's a real pantomime feel to the performance and you'll find yourself booing Hans, cheering Kristoff and shouting 'Run, Sven, Run' along with everyone else. A couple of truly magical moments that will make even the adults say 'ahhh'. There was a great atmosphere inside the theatre and we all enjoyed every second of it.

If you're taking small children be aware that the performance extends to over two hours, with the added introductions etc. This wasn't a problem for LM, at two and a half, as she was entranced throughout but some children may get restless. The recommended age is 5+ but I would say it would be fine for smaller children who love the film.

If you'd like to see Singalonga Frozen at The Lowry it is showing until Sunday 8th March, and it is the perfect half term treat for any little Frozen fans. You can see details on Singalonga Frozen at The Lowry. If you're further afield then check out the tour details for Singalonga Frozen website.

Disclosure: We attended the performance as guests of The Lowry.