An Introduction to Bibee Maternity Wear

19:21 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

Maternity wear is one of those struggles when you're pregnant. I've always found it hard to find comfortable, smart and stylish clothes to dress my bump in and, even though I'm not working outside the home these days, looking presentable for the period of time when your usual wardrobe just won't do is crucial to your self esteem and happiness when you're growing a tiny person!

Bibee Maternity

When Bibee Dresses got in touch with me I was really pleased. I've seen their dresses and website and I knew that they would be exactly what I needed to take me through the rest of my pregnancy with Red Rose Baby and would also be great for breastfeeding in when bump is a baby and I'm looking for clothes that are easy to nurse in. A bug bear of mine is maternity wear that doesn't convert well to those post-birth days. You wear the clothes for a relatively short period of time so I always want it to be easy to feed in afterwards.

Bibee Dresses have a unique mix and match design which allows you to buy core pieces - like a dress or tunic, then add co-ordinating 'fronts' to change the style. The necklines on the dresses and tunics are cut really low so you can also wear something underneath for a pinafore effect, or the front goes on the top to complete the style. The fronts button on to the back of the shoulders, and underneath the arms and, if you wish to nurse wearing the dress it's simple to unfasten the buttons to lift up the front.

I've been trying out a Bibee Tunic and Front, and a Bibee Dress and Front. Check back to see what I thought of them in a few days time. 

If you're looking to add to your maternity or nursing wear then check out their website - - and use the discount code redrose to get a 15% discount on any purchases! The website has recently been updated to show off their Spring/Summer collection which also includes their brand new range of jeans, chinos and joggers in addition to their gorgeous new tulip dress!