Bud's Dinosaur Room

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Bud's room has been a work in progress for a while but this weekend has been, finally, time to get it done and turn it into a bedroom suitable for a big boy of nearly five years old. We have had help from Wallsauce who invited us to choose a mural for one of his walls and choosing this really helped us to decide on a theme that he would love.

His room has been nominally dinosaur themed for a while. He's had dinosaur bedding and his toy dinosaurs are ever present so I knew that, if possible a dinosaur mural would be the perfect fit. I browsed through the huge range of children's murals on Wallsauce's site and found the ideal design on the second to last page. I wanted the finalised room to be a surprise for Bud so decided not to involve him in the choosing and we decided on Wee Rex, a design by Jerry LoFaro. This striking design shows a baby T Rex standing between his mother's legs and I was confident Bud would love it.

Bud's Dinosaur Room Applying Wallsauce Wee Rex Mural

Wallsauce murals are printed to your own measurements and sent rolled in a very sturdy cardboard tube. My previous experience of murals has been that they arrive in six pieces which means that you have to paste them in two rows which can make lining them up really hard work. Wallsauce are different and are printed on to long wallpaper sheets, meaning that you only have one length to line it up against which makes the process much easier.

Our mural was gum backed meaning that all that was needed to adhere it to the wall was to paste the back of the design with water. Ian got his Dad to help out with it as he's more experienced with wallpapering. Our mural measured 240cm x 200cm and, because initially we decided our mural would go a different wall to the one we eventually placed it upon this meant our mural was slightly too wide for the space it now occupies. It extends around the corner on to the chimney breast as a result but this wasn't a problem. The mural came in four lengths of wallpaper and it took Ian and his Dad just over an hour to apply it to the wall. It's a straightforward process and both of them were really pleased at how easy it was to complete.

Bud's Dinosaur Room Applying Wallsauce Wee Rex Mural

Having rearranged Bud's furniture, set up an all important reading corner and finally placing his bunk bed against a wall he now has a room to be proud of and one with space to play on his own or with his sister. Here you can see a little of how the mural went up and Bud's reaction at the big unveiling!

We'd definitely recommend Wallsauce murals as the perfect way to personalise any room. Bud loves his new bedroom and is so proud of it. The mural is exceptionally good quality, easy to apply and they are made to measure so you are sure of receiving the right size for your room. 

Disclosure: We received the mural for review purposes
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