What to Buy for a Royal Baby?

16:34 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

I'm not the biggest Royal Family follower but, as the Duchess of Cambridge and I have been pregnant at the same time, I've been taking a sneaky peek at her progress and wondering when the new prince or princess will arrive.

As shown with the birth of Prince George two years ago, royal babies are big news and some of our favourite baby brands have got on board with royal baby fever and have released special editions to celebrate the impending arrival. Obviously new baby products are on our agenda at the moment so I thought I would share some of my favourites with you. I've spotted these over the past few weeks.

Silver Cross Sleepsuit Royal Baby Gift Guide

Silver Cross were chosen as Prince George's first set of wheels and have a huge heritage supplying the Royal Family with baby equipment. This time around they have released a beautiful new range of royal sleeping bags. With a blue, pink or neutral colour scheme the Silver Cross Sleepsuits feature beautiful quilting and textured hand finished appliqué for a premium feel. Priced at just £30 they are really beautiful. I wonder if the royal baby will be sleeping inside one of these? Check out the full Silver Cross range at www.silvercrossbaby.com.

gNappies gPants Princess Royal Baby Gift Guide

We're currently considering using reusable nappies for Red Rose Baby, and certain news reports suggest that Princess Kate will be doing the same. A range I really like the look of, and that looks super easy to use is that from gNappies and they've created special editions of their gPants for the new Prince or Princess. How sweet are these pink striped and ruffled seersucker gPants - perfect for any little Princess, royal or not! The Prince version sees a cool blue and white stripe too, I think both are really lovely. RRP: £17:95. You can find the full gPants range at www.gnappies.com

Cuddledry Diamante Apron Towel Royal Baby Gift Guide

Our friends at Cuddledry have added a touch of bling to one of their favourite products and come up with the Royal Crystal Cuddledry. They've added a diamante embellishment to their Apron Towel which allows all parents, not just the Duke and Duchess, to protect their clothes at bathtime and then snuggle up their bundle to get them dry easily afterwards. Originally commissioned for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and made from pure cotton and bamboo fibre, it will be the perfect way to keep her new great-grandchild warm and dry. Available from Cuddledry.com, priced at £34:95.

Blade & Rose HRH Leggings Royal Baby Gift Guide

The final Royal Baby themed gift that I've spotted is from one of our favourite baby clothes companies. We're huge fans of Blade & Rose leggings and both Bud and LM have worn them. They've gone for a really patriotic approach to the new baby with their HRH leggings - a bright and funky red, white and blue striped pair with a big crown on the bottom! Perhaps Prince George might rock a pair of these, just to show his new sibling who is higher up the order of succession of course! I'm sure he would find them just as comfy as my two children have. The HRH leggings are available from www.bladeandrose.co.uk for just £10.

Have you spotted any gifts for the new Prince or Princess? Do you think that the baby will be a boy or a girl?