Wildlife Jack - Series One on DVD

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Bud loves animals, from his first words onwards they have been an abiding interest for him and he loves anything that will help him to learn more and improve his knowledge of his favourite furry and feathered friends. We actively seek out television series and books to further his interest but it can be tricky to find appropriate TV for young children, especially if you want to see 'live action' and a show featuring animals of the UK.

Wildlife Jack - Series One on DVD

When we were offered the chance to take a look at a brand new DVD named 'Wildlife Jack' I was very intrigued. It's a show that airs on Disney Junior in the UK and we haven't heard of it before. The DVD would be an introduction to the series for Bud and LM.

For those similarly new to the show, Wildlife Jack is a great new series which is filmed in the UK and features animals that are native to the British Isles. Wildlife Jack is an animated (he's a cartoon) six year old boy who reads his Grandfather's animal book and is transported into the world of animals alongside documentary-style footage of the creatures he is encountering. The well know wildlife presenter Chris Packham voices Jack's Grandfather.

The DVD features five seven minute long episodes of Wildlife Jack, as follows:
Episode 1: I Want To Fly - Jack sees a blackbird chick fly for the first time and tries to learn to fly from birds too.
Episode 2: Hide & Seek - There's a hungry otter around and Jack discovers some ingenious ways the river animals stay safe.
Episode 3: Hungry Like A Fox - Hungry Jack tries to keep up with a hunting fox, but finding food is not easy.
Episode 4: Sand & Sea - Jack joins a herd of seals and then meets all kinds of scary and enchanting underwater creatures.
Episode 5: Making Friends - Jack tries to join a herd of deer, but quickly learns that only one deer is allowed to be in charge.

Wildlife Jack - Series One on DVD

We've really enjoyed Wildlife Jack on DVD. It's been educational for both Bud and LM. Bud has enjoyed furthering his knowledge of animals and watching Jack's adventures. LM has loved learning a few new animal names and the footage of all of the different creatures. From a parent's point of view I think that a series featuring the animals of the UK is a refreshing change, often I think that Bud knows more about creatures that he only has a chance of seeing in the zoo than in the wild. In fact he's asked lots more questions about the animals featured in this DVD after having watched it a couple of times.

We'd really recommend Wildlife Jack for children aged up to six or seven, possibly older if they are interested in animals. It's an innovative, fun, educational series and my children have really enjoyed the DVD.

Wildlife Jack Series One is available on DVD priced at around £7:49. To find out more about the show, or to order the DVD please visit the Wildlife Jack website. There is also a Wildlife Jack book available from Amazon, and downloads from Google Play and iTunes.

Disclosure:  We received the DVD for review purposes.