5 Things My Toddler Can't Leave Home Without

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LM is a little diva, with strong opinions about everything. A simple school run can turn into quite a excursion as she runs around the house making sure she has everything ready. I thought I'd share the five essential items for any outing with my mini fashionista...

1. An Awesome Bag, or Two

LM loves bags, and shoes. She's amassed quite a collection since she could walk with donations from mine and Grandma's collections, and some she has been bought for herself. If we're shopping you can guarantee that she'll find a new little bag to tote around while we look, which can sometimes lead to... disagreements about our planned purchases at the checkout! If one bag won't contain all of her treasures then she has no alternative but to add another. She always has a willing slave in me or her big brother to carry them if she gets tired and she's very adept about stashing her accessories in the pushchair shopping basket.

I've never known a little girl with such a strong sense of style and I'm having to adapt my purchasing decisions as she will simply refuse to entertain wearing or using something that doesn't meet her high standards. She loves everything Princess, pink and Hello Kitty and I know she'd love the Damsels and Unicorns rucksack from one of my favourite brands - Pink Lining.

2. Her Favourite Toy

This fluctuates between her Frozen dolls and Hello Kitty at the moment. You know your daughter has too many Hello Kitty toys when it's the sixth attempt to place the right one in bed with her that is correct! If more than one toy is essential she adopts alternative methods to carry them. Yesterday she emptied all of her Gruffalo's Child skittles out of their bag and used the bag to stash her Elsa and Anna dolls. Neither dolly looked terribly comfortable in this!

3. Something Pretty

LM loves beads and bangles and pretty things for her hair so this can take any form. Sometimes it's a simple bow in her hair. Sometimes she rocks a tiara, wand and four or five pieces of jewellery. It depends on her mood and that day's need to sparkle. If she's been able to cover herself in glitter while crafting then so much the better! Again, if a change of mind takes place then the essential bag is needed to stash any items which are no longer required to complete her look.

4. Snacks

Open up LM's bag of the day on an outing and you'll always find a little snack. I'm not sure if she doubts my ability to keep her well fed or if she just likes to be prepared for all emergencies but, from a fruit pouch to a wrapped biscuit or pack of raisins, it's always there. If the bag is big enough to stash her bottle of water then I'll usually find that too  She does like to be prepared for all eventualities!

5. A Big Smile

For all of her diva tendencies LM really is the happiest little girl and she charms everyone she meets with her cheeky grin and happy 'hello' to everyone she meets. Her collection of treasure and the necessary luggage to include it are a small price to pay to be accompanied by such a happy little girl.

What can't your toddler leave home without?

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