Changing Nappy Changing With WaterWipes

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Over the past few weeks Little E and I have been trying out WaterWipes during his nappy changes. For those unfamiliar with the brand, WaterWipes are somewhat unique in the disposable wipes market as they contain only two ingredients - 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. They are the only wipes endorsed by Allergy UK and can be used to alleviate symptoms of sensitive skin and nappy rash.

For brand new babies parents can often be reluctant to use other main brands of wipes, preferring to use cotton wool and water in the early days. WaterWipes are suitable for use straight from birth and kind to newborn skin.

WaterWipes Chemical Free Baby Wipes

I've been using the wipes with Little E over the past few weeks and have been pleased with them. They have a pleasant, mild fruity scent and are thick wipes which cope easily with newborn nappies. The pack is sturdy and resealable so it's great to pop in to your changing bag alongside clean nappies. I find the packs heavier than my usual wipes which I've been putting down to the high water content in them.

Ready for a nappy change

The wipes are a good size in the hand and I usually find two or three wipes enough for the average nappy change. As with all children they've been employed in cleaning dirty hands and faces too and have dealt with this job well too. I've even used them to remove my make up and I enjoyed the way the wipes felt against my skin when I did so.

WateWipes have an RRP of £2:99 per pack of sixty wipes, which represents my only problem with the wipes. I have two children in nappies, and three children under six, so we get through a lot of baby wipes. I simply can't justify paying four times more than my usual brand for these wipes. I'm lucky that none of my children have sensitive skin, if they did I think I would strongly consider using these wipes for them. It would be reassuring to know that there are no chemical ingredients in the wipes if you have reason to be concerned about your child's skin reacting to other products.

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