Choosing Holidays: Beach or City Break?

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Choosing holidays can be tricky. You have to keep everyone in your party happy and entertained and this can be even more difficult with children too. The holidays of your pre-parent days don't always work as well when you have demanding little ones to consider.

Pre-baby days my favourite holidays were city breaks. Exploring a new city, finding restaurants and bars to savour the local delicacies and whiling away the hours touring the sites, museums and art galleries was my idea of heaven. We're hoping to plan a few city breaks once the children are a bit older and our pushchair days are behind us and I'll be delighted if they share my passion for exploring.

Krakow Poland

The easy option with a family is usually a beach holiday. Bud and LM were lucky enough to spend a week in Portugal with their Grandparents Aunt, Uncle and Cousins at the start of the Summer holidays and they had a wonderful time. Sadly we've not been able to get away as a family this year but, if we were going abroad I think I'd love to take them all to Majorca or the Costa Brava. I love Spain and speak Spanish passably and both of these locations offer good options for exploring the area as well as relaxing by the sea.

Majorca, Spain

If you're struggling to decide on holiday options then why not take a look at Holiday Gems' Beach Vs City Holiday Hub. It's so easy to use, simply choose which of the two options you prefer then explore their wide range of suggestions for beach and city destinations. I've had a real potter around the City breaks side of the hub and I think I'm adding Lisbon and Krakow to my mental 'to visit' list. I've visited Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris from their suggestions and reading their entries offered the chance for some happy reminiscing.

For sun seekers the destinations offered extend out of Europe as far as the Dominican Republic, Dubai and Mexico! I was pleased to see Majorca and the Algarve featuring too.

I know lots of people have already started to think about next year's holidays already, I can definitely recommend Holiday Gems as a good starting point.

Do you prefer beach  or city holidays? Where is next on your 'to visit' list?

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