Top Ten New Baby Gifts to Make New Parents Smile

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Baby gifts can be something of a minefield. You never know what to buy, will the new parents have it already? Will it be to their tastes? Often people opt for clothes, which are always useful and well received, but sizing and colour choice can be another minefield to navigate. I've drawn together a few suggestions to help you to choose a baby gift that will delight the recipients (hopefully!)

1. Clothes - This can be a tricky one as every new parent has an idea of their baby's style. I'm not a fan of pastel colours for my babies so I'm always delighted to receive brightly coloured outfits as gifts. Some parents only want creams and whites. Make sure you have a good idea of mum's style and you'll probably get it right for baby. I think quirky and unique items can be a great gift, like the Rubi & Boris* vest that we reviewed. If either mum or dad has a particular sporting interest then clothing reflecting this can be a really cute gift. We love track cycling in our house so Little E's Plain Lazy 'Can't Wheelie Yet' t-shirt* was perfect.

2. Toys  - I'm always surprised how few toys we receive as gifts when I've had my babies. It seems like a fairly obvious idea but people tend to shy away from them for some reason. I think that you can't go wrong with a cute hanging toy like those from Lamaze and you can often pick these up for less than ten pounds. If you have a bigger budget then you could purchase a baby gym or playmat. Little E has a gorgeous Lamaze Maikai the Monkey baby gym* from House of Fraser's range of soft toys and he's been loving the bright colours of it and using it for tummy time over the past few weeks. It might be a good idea to check mummy and daddy haven't bought one, if you're planning  a bigger purchase.

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3. A Rubber Duck

This is absolutely something that people don't think of when buying new baby gifts, whether for their own child or for that of friends or family. Every baby needs their own rubber duck and our friends at Cuddledry have created the Cuddleduck* perfect gift for a newborn. Available in original, pink or blue polka dots with sweet rosy cheeks, the soft natural rubber is non toxic and easy for babies to hold. It also has natural antibacterial properties and is phthalate free and non toxic, which makes it perfect for sensitive baby skin and means that it can be used as a teething toy too. It's a gorgeous little duck and Little E loves having his to splash around in his bath with.

Cuddledry Cuddleduck Top Ten New Baby Gifts

5. A Book

I always like to give a book as a gift to a new baby as, in some way, it feels like it is giving the new arrival the gift of reading. I've created something of a tradition with friends and family and I do like to seek out baby-friendly books for parents or older siblings to share with their new baby. We've recently been trying out the Little Learners* range from Parragon Books and I think that their books make a perfect newborn gift. The finger puppet book of Baa Baa Black Sheep that we tried has been enjoyed by all three of my children, especially as Bud and LM know the rhyme so can 'read' it to their brother and waggle their finger puppet too.

6. A Special Soft Toy

Beautiful teddies definitely have a place on the baby gift list. Again, this is an option that a lot of people don't take which can mean that parents go out and choose their own. If you give a gorgeous bear (or other animal) you could be giving the baby a lifelong friend! I still have my monkey, which my parents bought for me before I was born. I adore this cute teddy from Silver Cross. His name is Timble and he's made from a super soft knitted fabric which is perfect for little hands. He'd be the perfect friend for any new baby, whether their parents have opted for a Silver Cross pram or not!

Silver Cross Timble Teddy Bear Top Ten Baby Gifts

7. A Sleeping Bag

Baby sleeping bags are something of an essential piece of kit these days. They promote safe sleep and allow mum and dad to rest knowing that their baby isn't going to kick off their covers and get cold while they sleep. Little E can kick off his covers in about ten seconds flat so I love know he's wearing a sleeping bag, I did open it this morning to find he'd kicked off his pyjama bottoms though! There are weight restrictions on the first sleeping bags so they may not be suitable for a small newborn. The Gro-Snug* may be an option in this case which combines swaddle with first sleeping bag and also includes a room thermometer. If you're looking for a classic style sleeping bag, why not check out the My Baby's Name Is* range of super-bright, stylish sleeping bags?

8. Baby Toiletries

I fixed on a range of baby toiletries when I had LM and we've used them ever since but it's always nice to receive some lovely, luxurious products to use on your baby. I recently won a pot of Little Butterfly Soft as Moonlight Nappy Change Cream and it's a gorgeous product. It's keeping Little E's bottom super soft and it's mix of natural, organic ingredients is perfect for any problem areas of skin. I've even been using it on my dry hands and it's beautifully moisturising there too. The gorgeous packaging and effective product makes it a great gift. Little Butterfly have a range of baby toiletries, if you don't want to buy nappy change cream.

Little Butterfly Soft as Moonlight Nappy Change Cream

9. Something for Mum

Sometimes it's nice to treat mum instead of baby. In my experience baby receives lots and lots of gifts, which is as it should be, but I think us mummies need a treat too! Apparently push presents are becoming much more popular (I need to ask Ian where mine are!) There are so many ideas for a suitable gift for new mums but I love the idea of commemorating baby's birth in some way. If she has a bracelet that you can add charms to then Trollbeads have a gorgeous Mother's Rose Bangle which would be perfect for any new mum. You could even add to it on baby's future birthdays, after all it's the anniversary of when she became a mummy too!

Trollbeads Mother's Rose Bangle Top Ten Baby Gifts

10. A Baby Record Book

I have loved recording all of my children's milestones but I've never been able to do them with as much style as I have for Little E with our beautiful Illustries Baby Book*. This book is different to the usual 'cutesy' style baby books and is a book for the baby. It allows you to record their moments, for loved ones to write messages to the little one, and to store photos of all types. I will be completing the book for Little E as time goes by and passing it on to him when he's bigger. I can imagine this book sitting on his bookshelf when he's grown as a lovely record of his early days and one that isn't covered in teddy bears to embarrass him! It's available in coral pink, duck egg blue and yellow and grey if you're selecting it as a gift for a couple who don't know their baby's gender yet or want a break from traditional pink and blue. 


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