How Long Does it Take to Clean Your Home?

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Cleaning is one of those never ending tasks. You finish it and it's time to start again. You mop a floor then the toddler comes along and drops her bowl of cornflakes in the centre of the room (true story!). It can seem like something of a thankless task and one that doesn't often get as prioritised as it should in our home.

How Long Does it Take to Clean Your Home?

We tend to do most of our cleaning at the weekend when Ian is at home. I'm busy with the children in the week and he's at work so the washing up and the laundry gets done but the big cleaning jobs are saved for then. Saturday morning is a favourite time. Bud and LM watch TV while we chase around like mad things trying to get the house into some sort of state so we can go about the rest of our weekend and get out and have some fun. Of course vacuuming takes place most days, we do have small children in the house after all!

At the moment we are going through a big declutter and trying to get rid of lots of things that have either outlived their usefulness or no longer fit. With three children around this needs to be kept on top of otherwise we end up being a bit overwhelmed by 'stuff''. Keeping on top of the clutter  means that we can reduce the time we spend cleaning as there's less stuff to move around to get at the important areas  Getting into the children's rooms to do this is crucially important so they can have room to play and we can stand a chance of our lounge not being overwhelmed by their things!

If I think our cleaning is never done, imagine how the people at Karcher feel? Their team is behind cleaning some of the most famous monuments in the world!

How Long Does it Take to Clean the Statue of Liberty?

How long does it take to clean the Statue of Liberty?

Karcher have created a quiz which challenges people to test their geography knowledge by pinpointing some of the famous world monuments that they clean on a map. I can honestly say I'd never considered this before, but someone has to keep Lady Liberty and other monuments looking their best. I can't imagine taking on a project the size of the Statue of Liberty, Karcher must have an excellent team in place. Surely once it is finished it is time to start again. Click HERE to view the quiz and test your knowledge

How long does cleaning your home take?

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