Inside Out at The Disney Store

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Inside Out has been the Summer hit for 2015 and Bud loved the film when he went to watch it with his cousins recently. I still haven't seen it yet but I've been listening to him talking about how much he enjoyed it ever since his cinema trip.

For those not in the know (where have you been?) Inside Out tells the story of the emotions inside the mind of Riley, an 11 year old girl. The five main characters are Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear and you will have seen them everywhere in the past few months.

The Disney Store have introduced a range of Inside Out toys and merchandise into stores and we've been sent a selection of them to take a look at. As soon as we opened the parcel Bud got really excited and started naming the characters.

Inside Out Soft Toys at The Disney Store

Fear and Disgust Small Soft Toys (£15:95) - these are super cute plush versions of the two characters (all five are available but we were sent these two).The toys are packed with texture - Disgust has a lovely satin dress, chiffon scarf and sparkly hair while Fear has a striped cotton shirt, tweed pullover and cord trousers. The quality is excellent and I can imagine that a lot of people would like to collect all five of the emotions.

Inside Out Sticky Notes at The Disney Store

Sticky Notes Set (£9:95) - I'm a huge stationery fan and I loved this pack of sticky notes. It takes the form of a cardboard folder which you open up to reveal sixteen different pads of sticky notes. They range in size, shape and colour and look great. I love the two pads which say 'Joy' and 'Fear' and I would imagine you could have some fun using these in the office.

Inside Out Journal at The Disney Store

Journal (£12:95) - This is such a clever design. Split into five different sections, one for each emotion, these are divided by thick plastic pages featuring each character. This allows you to use the divider of your choice as the cover. Not feeling Joy today? Turn Disgust around to use as the cover! Each emotion has their own type of paper - plain for Joy, grids for Fear and Anger and ruled for Sadness and Disgust. This has been my notebook of choice since it arrived. It's really excellent quality and so bright and colourful. I love it.

Inside Out Anger Bouncy Ball at The Disney Store

Anger Ball (£5:95) - A bright red rubber ball that has been really popular with the children. It features a close up of Anger's face and is air filled and bouncy. My children both love this little ball and it's been out in the garden with them regularly since it arrived. The colour makes it really easy to find when playing with it.

Inside Out Reusable Shopping Bag at The Disney Store

Shopping Bag (£2:50) - Made from 80%  recycled plastic bottles with fabric handles this is a bright, colourful bag, perfect for use on shopping trips and able to be reused over again.

The Disney Store range of Inside Out merchandise is really great, there's something for everyone from toys and pyjamas for the kids to some amazing mugs (I love the Anger one) and stationery for the adults. I'd recommend fans of the film to check it out.

We received the products for review purposes