Sponsored Video - The Art of Toddling from M&S

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Those first steps along the road from crawling to cruising around the furniture, tottering, then toddling, then walking confidently, and eventually running are some of the most memorable moments you experience in those early years of parenthood. Seeing your baby stride out into toddlerhood often causes a real mixture of emotions - pride and wonder, combined with a touch of sadness about the passing of those baby days.

The Art of Toddling from M&S

When I think back to Bud and LM and their first pairs of shoes I remember taking an age to choose. There were so many different features that I considered - flexibility, style, shape, design, colour. Both got their first pair as they started to walk and I found that the shoes helped them along that journey, especially for LM who needed shoes to add stability. It's so important to choose carefully, after all, no matter how quickly their feet grow out of them, you'll keep that first pair for a lifetime (I did anyway). In a few months time I'll be embarking on the first shoes journey again with Little E although the idea of him running around seems a long way away at the moment.

M&S have created a new visual showcase which shows the art of their fashion, the craftmanship, quality and design which goes into every item they sell. This particular video shows the ease of movement and comfort offered by their Walktime toddler shoes. When you buy from M&S you are buying into over a century of quality and tradition and their toddler shoes are designed to support tiny feet in their transition from crawling to running around.

I'd love you to take a look at the video and share your memories of your children's first shoes in the comments. What did you look for? Have you kept their first pair?

To see the rest of the videos in the M&S 'Art of...' showcase, check out their YouTube Channel.

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