A Day Out While Potty Training with Huggies® Pull Ups

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Potty training is one of those things that can take over daily life. It's all too easy to avoid going out and stay at home while working through those early days of potty training but you will need to go out eventually so it's important to have strategies in place for when you do. Days out, especially, can be daunting but I'm going to suggest some strategies for dealing with potty training when you're heading out for a day of family fun.

As part of mine and LM's role as Huggies® Pull Ups ambassadors this year. Huggies® challenged us to go out for the day and put potty training on the go into action. We were armed with our trusty Pull Up pants and My Carry Potty plus everything else we needed for a day out and we headed to Alton Towers in Staffordshire to check out cBeebies Land, one of LM's favourite places!

A Day Out While Potty Training with Huggies® Pull Ups Ladybird My Carry Potty

If you're looking for a fun day out then I can wholeheartedly recommend cBeebies Land. Alton Towers is a great destination whatever the age of your children as they have rides to suit all ages and all fear levels. How would it stand up to a potty training LM though?

Before we set off we kept reminding LM that she needed to tell us as soon as she needed to wee. That gives us a little time to find somewhere to stop. Huggies® Pull up pants are a great option for children on long journeys as they can be pulled up and down like regular pants on toilet stops but, similarly, can deal with any accidents that may arise if you can't quite stop in time. The super stretchy sides mean that LM can pull the Pull Ups up and down on her own which adds to her feeling of independence.

A Day Out While Potty Training with Huggies® Pull Ups

On arrival at the theme park we made sure to familiarise ourselves with the layout of the park so we knew exactly where to find the nearest bathrooms. This is handy for children of any age but especially important when you have newly potty trained children. If you have a child who suddenly shouts 'I need to go' then knowing exactly where the nearest convenience is can save on any accidents. We always either pick up a couple of maps of the site or take photos of maps on noticeboards to help us navigate easily.

I always make sure we pack lots of spare clothes on a day out, that includes a change for us adults and for Bud, but is especially important for LM and Little E. It's awful to not be able to quickly change a child who has had an accident so packing lots of spare underwear and leggings is crucial. LM actually wore a dress when we visited Alton Towers so changing her would have been a much easier process. I packed three extra little dresses just in case though!


We had a lovely day out and LM managed to have no accidents all day long. We did use Huggies® Pull Ups for convenience but the clever graphic which disappears when the Pull Up gets wet was still there at the end of the day. We knew that she had managed to hold on to get to the toilet all day, which made it stress free and lots of fun for everyone. I think the fact that we had been completely relaxed about it and made getting to the toilet in good time important meant that she knew she had time and she has learned very quickly to give as much notice as she can.

Having the My Carry Potty available to us (we popped ours underneath the pushchair) was great as, if we ended up a good distance from a bathroom LM could have a discreet wee on the potty and we could close it up tightly for when we reached the next bathroom. It's a handy, hygienic solution for toilet breaks when out and about or at home.

A Day Out While Potty Training with Huggies® Pull Ups

We had another fantastic day out at Alton Towers and managed to explore the wider park, not just cBeebies Land this time. It was a fun, pleasant day which really showed us that LM has sussed potty training. This was actually the start of us giving up Pull Ups and her wearing underwear full time, even though she's still wearing Huggies® Night-Time Pull Ups.

If you'd like help with Potty Training and a free sample of Huggies® Pull Ups then check out www.pottytraining.co.uk to find out more.