Megableu Ghost Hunt & Creepy Hand - Guest Review

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Today I'm sharing some spooky fun with two brand new games new to the market that one of my best blogging friends, Eileen from ET Speaks From Home was recently sent to try out with her lovely children, Mr K and Miss C. If you're not familiar with Eileen's blog do head over there and check it out. She features a great mix of days out, reviews and some amazing recipes. She also makes excellent YouTube videos and I'll be sharing some in this post..

Trick or treat? This coming Halloween, we are bringing you these two spooky Halloween games from Megableu to share with you. They are the Ghost Hunt and Creepy Hand. These games are definitely a treat and all your children would need is to master the trick! These are fun and exciting games to play on the creepiest day of year.

Do check out our unboxing of both games here:

First, I have Ghost Hunt which is a laser ghost shooting game which is suitable for aged five onwards. It comes with Billy Bones (electronic projector), two loose feet, an electronic gun and instructions. Billy Bones requires 4 AA batteries and the gun requires 3 AAA batteries which are not included. It requires minimal installation.

Megableu Ghost Hunt

This game can only be played in a dark room that is no bigger than 5m by 5m with no obstructions. We played ours in their bedroom which worked well even though they have pictures on their wall.

To play this game, place Billy Bones in the middle of the room and he will uses his phantasmagorical powers (or infrared lights) to randomly project ghostly visions around the room from his eye. You need to blast the ghosts with the laser gun. You are awarded one point for each ghost you blast and a flying bat nets you three points.

Megableu Ghost Hunt

There are three levels to choose from: Easy, Average and Hard. To select the level, simple press the button and synchronise your gun with Billy Bones. You will need to synchronise your gun each time you select the level. It is very quick and easy to do so. The gun does not have an on/off button but it will turn itself off after 60 seconds if it is not in use. The gun is very lightweight and chunky to hold.

Both my children enjoyed playing this game again and again. This is sure to be a popular toy, especially in time for Halloween!

Watch what we think about this awesome game and see it for yourself.

Next we have here is the Creepy Hand game which is based on the famous game of 'Truth orDare'. It comes with an electronic green articulated hand, 100 question cards and instructions.

Megableu Creepy Hand

This game is played with 2 or more players and is suitable for age seven and above. This lightweight Creepy Hand requires 3 AA batteries to operate which are not included. There is an on/off switch at the top of the limb and the start button can be found there too.

Megableu Creepy Hand

To play this game, everyone sits in a circle and simply places the finger tips (from the creepy hand) down on the table and switches it on. It will stop randomly and its finger will point at one of the players. My children love it when the creepy finger points at them as the first person who has six cards wins the game! So far, they have both preferred to answer the truth question rather than doing a dare question. If any player does not complete the mission successfully, he or she must face an extra forfeit challenge, written at the bottom of the card. Come and check out what we think about this game and see how the creepy hand moves!

I would recommend both of these games to anyone, especially for a Halloween party! They are available to buy online from Argos, Smyths, Firebox, Toys R Us, Toy Master, Tobar, Debenhams and Amazon.

Thanks Eileen, Mr K and Miss C for these fab reviews and videos. Enjoy the games!