Teletubbies Toys are Here - Review

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Last week I shared an exciting Christmas delivery with you. We received an intriguing large white box which was covered in stickers featuring the Teletubbies characters.

Teletubbies toys secret delivery

LM loves the Teletubbies. She was introduced to the old series a while ago and was super excited to see them arrive with an all new series on cBeebies last year. Back in the late 90s when Teletubbies were brand new, their toys were the source of lots of parental panic at Christmas when the four characters were the 'must have' toy so we were very interested to see what their updated range was like.

New Teletubbies Range of Toys

We received six toys from the range and have been trying them out over the past couple of weeks. LM has been my chief tester for the toys as she's such a fan but Little E got in on the act too.

First up the plush toys. 

New Teletubbies Plush Toy Reviews

We received two small plush teddy versions of the Teletubbies - Dipsy (green) and Tinky Winky (purple) in our case. These are really sweet tlittle teddies. The plush fabric is beautifully soft and the Teletubbies faces are made from a fine flocked fabric to make them look really accurate. They measure around six inches tall which is a lovely size for both toddles and are very detailed. I love the polka dot finish on the Teletubbies' feet. LM very quickly decided that Little E 'needs to look after Dipsy' and he can regularly be found snuggling up with him. The toys are priced at £6:99 which seems spot on for this sort of toy. I think we may well be looking to add Po and Laa-Laa to our collection.

Small Teletubbies Plush toy in Dipsy

The larger of the three plush figures is a nine inch talking figure,we received Laa Laa, LM's favourite character (because she's yellow!). Just like the smaller plushies, Laa-Laa has all of the detail you would expect and beautifully soft plush fabric. She has quite a range of phrases which you will hear when you push her tummy, she also giggles which LM and Little E find hilarious. The lovely softness of Laa-Laa makes her very cuddly and I can often find LM snuggling up with her. She does take her to bed too so you often hear Laa-Laa phrases coming from LM's room. They aren't loud enought to wake her thankfully!These are priced at an RRP of £9:99 which, again, seems to be good value for a toy of this type.

Teletubbies Large Plush Talking Laa-Laa

Next up is one of the collectible figures range. We received Po, complete with his scooter and helmet. These are priced at £3:99 so the perfect price for pocket money or treats. The figure is fully moulded and suitable for children aged 18 months and over. The packet describes it as 'Collection 1' so I think that this range may be renewed over time. He's a fun. bright little character which LM has incorporated into her small world play. He's visited her toy castle and dolls house so far and has been very popular with LM. I can see these being very popular with little ones wanting to collect the range. 

Small Po Collection 1 Teletubbies moulded plastic figure

The fifth toy we received is the Teletubbies Tickle and Glow Laa-Laa (RRP £14:99) This is a six inch tall moulded plastic figure which lights up and makes sounds when you tickle her chest. 

Teletubbies Tickle and Glow Laa-Laa

This one took a bit of getting used to when playing as LM automatically touched the screen showing all four Teletubbies on Laa-Laa' tummy to make her talk. This doesn't work, you need to press the chest area. When you press this area she will giggle, talk and her tummy screen will light up. The toy requires 3xAAA batteries (not supplied) to get her going and you will need a small screwdriver to undo the panel to pop the batteries in. Laa-Laa' arms move and she' stands on her own too. I'm always pleased to see an on/off switch on battery powered toys and this has one on her back. This range is available in Laa-laa and Po and is suitable for 18m+.

Teletubbies Tickle and Glow Laa-Laa

I've saved LM's favourite toy in the range until last. She really loves a toy phone so I was delighted to see the Teletubbies' take on this when we opened our parcel of toys. This is the Teletubbies Tubby Phone (RRP £9:99) and is something quite new. 

Teletubbies Tubby Phone toy

Upon opening the packaging you are met with a mirrored rectsangular phone with four buttons. Press one of the buttons and the Teletubby of the corresponding colour will appear in a corner of the screen with accompanying phrases and sounds. The buttons will also light up once pressed. Each button has the shape of each antenna too, which adds to helping your child recognise each character.

Teletubbies Tubby Phone toy

LM is really taken with this phone. She really enjoys pressing the buttons to make the teletubbies appear and looking at herself in the mirrored panel on the phone. She presses the buttons and says which character will appear as she does so. If you leave the phone alone, after a while one of the teletubbies will 'call' and your child can then answer the phone.

Teletubbies Tubby Phone toy

The Tubby Phone requires three LR44 batteries (included) and you can access the battery panel using a small screwdriver when they need replacing. It's a solidly built toy (with the bonus of an on/off switch to save battery life) and is suitable for children on 18 months upwards. LM really loves it and I would say she has played with it every day since it arrived. 

We've been really pleased with the range of Teletubbies toys. They are good qality, well made toys at reasonable prices and are a great way for fans of the show like my LM to play with the characters at home. All of the toys we received are suitable for children of 18 months and upwards which makes them very accessible to the age group that the show is aimed at, I'm sure Little E will be very interested in them when he is big enough too.

To find out more about the collection of Teletubbies toys please visit the Character Online Teletubbies page.