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Water is a funny old thing, while I drink a good few glasses most days, trying to get Bud and LM to drink a glass of water can be difficult. Both of them claim to find the taste of water a bit boring so I tend to reach for a dash of fruit squash to make sure they stay hydrated and keep drinking. Robinsons is a real favourite in our house and their range of drinks which are free from artificial colours and preservatives with no added sugar means that I can jazz up their water in confidence.
Robinsons Squash'd #EnjoyMoreWater Enjoy More Water

We've always used the litre sized bottles of Robinsons in the past and they have some really great flavours (mine is Pink Grapefruit) and you'll usually find a bottle or two in the cupboard in our kitchen. I had spotted that they had expanded the range to include their super-concentrated Squash'd which comes in convenient, flip-top squeezy bottles that make it perfect for juice on the go.

In a recent survey it emerged that 64% of parents don't know how much water their children should be drinking each day, with 42% saying that their children, like mine, find water boring, Robinsons have launched their 'Enjoy More Water' campaign to help everyone to drink more water. To help with this I've been asked to share my tips to help keep your kids hydrated this Summer.

1. Use Squash - this is an obvious one given that Robinsons are behind this campaign but it really works for us. We all drink squash in our house and I always choose the 'no added sugar' varieties to help to limit sugar intake. There are some fantastic flavours in the range, including the new additions - Orange and Peach, and Lemon and Pink Grapefruit.

2. Choice of cup or bottle - my children will always fight for their particular special cup or bottle. Colour and design is very important when you're 3 and 6 so we've got a small collection of drinking vessels that Bud and LM have chosen for themselves, this makes pouring a drink, and keeping it nearby is less of a battle from the very start.

3. Bottles of Water and Robinsons Squash's - the convenient packaging for Robinson's Squash'd means that it's really easy to pop them into my changing bag, handbag or picnic basket ready to be used on the go. We sometimes buy a big bottle of water and pop in a couple of bottles of Squash'd when we're out for the day so everyone can have their favourite flavour on our picnic.

4. Lollies! - on hot days every one loves an ice lolly. Make up some Robinsons squash and pour into lolly moulds and place them in the freezer. In a couple of hours you'll have homemade ice lollies, perfect to cool down and rehydrate.

5. Fruit - add sliced fruit to a jug of squash and chill. The fruit will infuse and add to the flavour of the drink and your kids will feel really grown up drinking a tall glass of squash with pretty fruit floating in it.

6. Rewards - if you are really struggling to encourage your children to drink enough then you could consider a reward chart. Give them a sticker for every drink they have with an agreed reward if they drink a certain number of drinks every day for a week.

7. Lead by example -we all have those days where we know we haven't drunk enough. I sometiimes end up with a bit of a headache which can be cured by a couple of glasses of water. I try to always have a glass or bottle of water on the go now, my children will often help themselves to mine or it will prompt them to ask me to get them a drink of their own.

How do you encourage your children to drink more water?

This post is an entry for Britmums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinson.