Kopi Coffee - Gourmet Coffee by Post

21:47 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

There seems to be postal subscription services for all sorts of products these days, beauty boxes, chocolates etc,   where you pay a monthly fee and receive a parcel each month containing something lovely. I've seen all different types but the coffee subscription service from Kopi was a new one to me. I was given the opportunity to receive a delivery from Kopi and, as a huge coffee fan, I was very happy to take advantage of it!

Kopi are, in their own words, 'dedicated to bringing you outstanding single-estate coffees from around the world. Beautiful, freshly-roasted brews you won’t find in the usual places - delivered straight to your doorstep, once a month.' I was very curious to receive my first parcel and was not disappointed.

The parcel fit through my letterbox (it will apparently fit through 95% of letterboxes) and comes in the form of a flat cardboard box. You open it to reveal a large, resealable bag of coffee (apparently enough for 25 cups), 3 Caramelised biscuits and comprehensive notes. 
The notes are excellent and give a full description of the coffee's origins. The coffee I was sent was 'Mexican Terruño Nayarita Reserva', the notes explain what makes the coffee a Reserva, this is a result of the high quality of the production of the coffee - with less than 5% insect damage and 1% unripe fruit. The notes also include the ability to track your coffee by visiting a website and entering the unique code supplied with your leaflet. When I followed these instructions I learned that my bag was one of only 21 produced in it's lot and the precise mill and exporting company responsible for it. The tasting notes section explains that Mexican coffee is regarded as being mild and easy to drink.

Full instructions for brewing your coffee are included in the notes, along with the suggestion to add an extra spoonful as the coffee is relatively mild. I brewed in my cafetiere for 3 minutes, as suggested. I love the aroma of brewing coffee and this was not a disappointment. It smelled fantastic, really smooth and rich. The taste was even better, with a creaminess, and yet a citrus fruitiness to it. I could drink this coffee all day. 

Subscription packages are available from £7 (if you pay for 12 months upfront), £8 (on a six month package) or £9 for the rolling monthly subscription. You can choose between grounds or beans, depending on which is the most convenient for you. I think the service is an excellent idea for coffee fans. It can be really difficult to taste different types of coffee as merchants are few and far between and the ranges supplied by the high street chains and the supermarkets can be repetitive and limited. Even at £9 the price is around that of 3 cups from the average high street coffee shop, many coffee lovers would spend more than this in a week. This service offers different coffees each month, chosen by experts, and the notes provided are a good source of information about each bag. I also think that this service would be an excellent gift idea for the coffee lover in your life, especially one who is difficult to buy gifts for. 

I was sent a subscription package free of charge by Kopi, the opinions contained within the review are all my own.