Tuesday 07/02/12 'Bracelet' (38/366)

22:03 Pippa Ainsworth 0 Comments

I was lucky enough to win this beautiful bracelet from Merci Maman in a competition over on Transatlantic Blonde's blog before Christmas. I've wanted to share it for a while and today was definitely lacking in inspiration so here it is! There are 2 charms on the leather cord bracelet, one is shaped like a little boy and has Bud's initial on each side, the other is a heart with Bud's name on one side and his (real!) name on the other. I chose the gold plated charms as I have very little gold jewellery and I thought it would be a lovely change. I love my bracelet so much and wear it most days. The great thing is that, if I have any more children, I can send it back to Merci Maman and pay to have some new charms added with their names too.